What are the 2 Missing Teeth Options?

What are the 2 Missing Teeth Options?

Missing teeth can leave  an ugly gap in your mouth.   Years ago, a removable prosthesis or denture was the only solution to fill the unsightly gap but too day your dentist has 2 options to replace missing teeth.

The Fixed Bridge

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Sometimes it is possible to make a bridge without having to cut down any adjacent teeth at all by means of bonding techniques. Modern dental adhesives are so good that an artificial tooth can sometimes be simply “glued” on to one or more adjacent teeth to produce what is called a Maryland Bridge.

The Dental Implant

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The dental implant is another way to fill the gap left by a lost tooth and is even more amazing than a fixed dental bridge in that it closely resembles a complete natural tooth by being embedded into the actual jaw bone.

An Artificial Tooth Made of Porcelain with a Metal Post

The actual artificial tooth is made out of porcelain like a crown, but fitted on the top of a metal post instead of on to a cut-down natural tooth. The metal post fits into an anchoring device previously inserted into the jaw bone by precise drilling and placement and is often in the form of a hollow, perforated metal tube that has become fixed and stabilized by dint of natural bone growing around it and fusing with it. The sub-structure may need a few months to stabilize or may in certain cases accept the post and crown almost straightaway.


Dental Implant is the Best Way to Replace a Missing Tooth

There is no doubt that the dental implant is the best way to replace a missing teeth that was caused by a traumatic accident when the other natural teeth are fine since it does not require the disturbance of other teeth in any way. All the materials used for implants are bio-compatible so that the risk of rejection and loosening is minimized.

Individual implants can be placed as required provided there is sufficient depth of jaw bone to accept them, and if there are several teeth missing it is possible to provide several fixed anchors at strategic points and then construct a removable bridge that slots over them and will be much stronger and firmer than the usual type of removable prosthesis that sits mostly on the gums.

What are my Missing Teeth Options?

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