Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

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Houston, Texas

Most of us would rather see a horror flick than visit the person who’s going to check our gums and teeth. Dentists, like doctors, often appear in many people’s “hope we don’t have to meet” list. However, we all know the repercussions of avoiding them; the smile we’ve been always proud of flashing could be taken from us eventually. There’s also painful toothache to think about.


To put it simply, we all need a good dentist and we need to see them regularly. Perhaps you had a bad experience with one or you have a certain phobia of anything involved in a dental visit. But whatever your reason is in feeling jittery, know that there are dentists in Houston who understand your dilemma and are in fact dedicated in making you comfortable while inside the clinic.


Quite similar to marriages, dentist-patient relationship should be based on trust and compatibility for it to last a very long time. During your first visit, observe if your dentist is really after your well-being. Aside from likeability factor, verify if they are truly skilled and certified. Their professional background should be spotless so you would find it easier to trust them when you’re in a dentist’s chair.


Keep in mind that the best ones take time to answer your questions and are able to explain what your options are or why it is necessary to perform a specific procedure. They also listen to your fears and take extra measures to address those issues. Dentists should know how to smile too and be friendly without going overboard. If the first visit didn’t turn out well, don’t be afraid to try another dentist.


"Over 25-years in Houston Texas providing excellent dentistry and making it easy for you to smile again."

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

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