Dental Hygienist and Cleaning

Dental Hygienist and Cleaning

What to Look For In a Houston Dental Hygienist?

One of the best ways to ensure optimal dental health is through a regular routine for oral hygiene. This means that flossing and brushing should occur a few times each day and that at least one “official” cleaning occurs once each year with a skilled and trained dental hygienist. If you are someone who is unhappy with their current dentist in Houston or who is simply trying to get on track with proper dental care, you will want to be very selective about your dental hygienist.

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The Houston dental hygienists at Midtown Dentistry bring specialized skills and knowledge to your treatment. For example, they are up to date on all of the latest equipment and materials used in their trade. They are very communicative with the patient too. This means that anyone looking for a good dentist in Houston will want to ensure that their hygienists follow the same attentive and interactive policies as the doctors.


Consider Midtown Dentistry, we place an emphasis on the quality of communication between our office and you. There is always going to be an exchange of information that allows the dental professional to make the best treatment plans for the individual patient. The same can be said about the hygienists in the office.

When looking for a hygienist it is always going to be essential to consider this type of open-minded and active communication because it is going to be necessary if dental problems are to be addressed properly. For instance, someone heading to their dentist in Houston may be experiencing some earaches, but feel that this is unrelated to any sort of dental problem.

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A good hygienist will scrutinize the teeth for signs of things like grinding and bruxism, and this might connect something like a chronic ear ache with the need for night guards or therapies to end the destructive grinding habit.

It is also important to work only with a hygienist who is willing to “coach” the patient on the proper behaviors too. For example, a good practitioner will show a patient the proper way to brush or floss, will discuss the need for antibacterial rinses, and will generally work with a patient to develop a routine for the best dental health possible. This includes recommending specific treatments from the dentist if necessary.


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