Dental Implant Reviews

  • S Avatar

    5 star rating I have anxiety in general but I have an even... read more

    S 3/18/2020
    O Avatar

    5 star rating The staff at the Wirt location is extremely friendly and... read more

    O 3/11/2020
    Liz Avatar

    5 star rating The entire staff is so courteous, welcoming and professional, Thank... read more

    Liz 3/06/2020
    Tanya Avatar

    Can't express in words my feelings for this wonderful dentistry... read more

    Tanya 2/19/2020
    Carla Avatar

    5 star rating Amazingly competent and friendly. Really family oriented. Dr. Troung... read more

    Carla 2/14/2020
    Kelbie Avatar

    my hygienist Loan was the absolute best! she was super... read more

    Kelbie 1/23/2020
    Maggie Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Pirzadeh and his assistant, Mark, are awesome and I... read more

    Maggie 1/21/2020
    Ashley Avatar

    Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location is awesome. They are... read more

    Ashley 1/19/2020
  • Ashley Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location was the best. He... read more

    Ashley 1/19/2020
    Meredith Avatar

    I’m a frequent flyer at the dentist and the dental... read more

    Meredith 1/14/2020
    Hanh Avatar

    Even though I hate going to the dentist, this place... read more

    Hanh 12/31/2019
    Rich Avatar

    5 star rating All the staff at the Westhheimer location were above and... read more

    Rich 12/19/2019
    Cameron Avatar

    They have great services and have been cleaning my teeth... read more

    Cameron 12/18/2019
    Irvin Avatar

    Went in for a scheduled cleaning service was great SAIRA... read more

    Irvin 12/12/2019
    Jay Avatar

    5 star rating Previously this dental practice was owned by a long time... read more

    Jay 12/12/2019
    Christina Avatar

    The best dentist office I’ve ever visited. The best cleanings,... read more

    Christina 12/06/2019
  • Fletcher Avatar

    I've been coming here for the past 7 years. Would... read more

    Fletcher 12/04/2019
    Brittany Avatar

    Dr Patel, Ronnica, Stacey, Jennifer and the entire team we’re... read more

    Brittany 11/29/2019
    Patricia Avatar

    positive review  This is amazing staff, & Dr Phan and her team... read more

    Patricia 11/21/2019
    Debra Avatar

    My 88-year old mother and myself are new patients of... read more

    Debra 11/15/2019
    D Avatar

    5 star rating So glad to be a new patient of record with... read more

    D 11/15/2019
    DANIELA Avatar

    Very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I... read more

    DANIELA 11/08/2019
    Megan Avatar

    Everyone is so kind and caring at Midtown Dentistry! Dr.... read more

    Megan 11/06/2019
    Luke Avatar

    I had an amazing experience getting a new night guard... read more

    Luke 11/01/2019
  • Every Avatar

    Summerwood location is awesome. Love entire staff! Dr Truong is... read more

    Every 10/30/2019
    Michael Avatar

    I've been going to Midtown Dentistry for 15 years. And... read more

    Michael 10/30/2019
    La Avatar

    As always, the personnel is friendly and very receptive when... read more

    La 10/28/2019
    Alicia Avatar

    positive review  Went to Dr Phan at Midtown Dentistry for a crown.... read more

    Alicia 10/27/2019
    Veronica Avatar

    I recently had a new crown put in and was... read more

    Veronica 10/26/2019
    Carlos Avatar

    I've been coming to Midtown for a year now and... read more

    Carlos 10/26/2019
    Tony Avatar

    Dr. Phan, Regina, and Allison are awesome. Dr. Phan is... read more

    Tony 10/25/2019
    Mackenzie Avatar

    Amazing customer service! They fit me in last minute and... read more

    Mackenzie 10/25/2019
  • Gabrielle Avatar

    The nicest people. Love the staff. Saira is always so... read more

    Gabrielle 10/25/2019
    Victoria Avatar

    I know I can be a difficult patient at times,... read more

    Victoria 10/25/2019
    Erica Avatar

    Office staff is amazing we love Regina, and how well... read more

    Erica 10/25/2019
    Ashley Avatar

    This is the best dentist's office I've ever been to.... read more

    Ashley 10/24/2019
    Brandi Avatar

    At Midtown Dentistry -everyone is top notch friendly, skilled... read more

    Brandi 10/24/2019
    Gina Avatar

    Always a great experience to see Loan. We have been... read more

    Gina 10/24/2019
    Fiona Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received... read more

    Fiona 10/22/2019
    Amanda Avatar

    Definitely recommend this office! Very professional, polite and they work... read more

    Amanda 10/21/2019
  • Omar Avatar

    I’ve always had a great experience at Midtown Dentistry. Regina... read more

    Omar 10/21/2019
    Jen Avatar

    Loan is the best hygienist. I drive all the way... read more

    Jen 10/20/2019
    Caitlin Avatar

    I’ve been going to Midtown Dentistry for a couple of... read more

    Caitlin 10/19/2019
    Luiza Avatar

    I had a fantastic experience at the downtown location. ... read more

    Luiza 10/18/2019
    Lee Avatar

    2 days post op on tooth extraction and I am... read more

    Lee 10/18/2019
    Tirsa Avatar

    I hadn’t been able to get to the dentist in... read more

    Tirsa 10/18/2019
    Ann Avatar

    I recently moved to the area and could not be... read more

    Ann 10/18/2019
    Aracely Avatar

    5 star rating My experience with Dr. Gomes and Mark Anthony at Midtown... read more

    Aracely 10/18/2019
  • Daphne Avatar

    Anna is a great hygienist. I have been working with... read more

    Daphne 10/17/2019
    Sophia Avatar

    Anna and Dr. Truong were very informative and personable. Anna... read more

    Sophia 10/17/2019
    Serjio Avatar

    5 star rating What an awesome first experience I had here at this... read more

    Serjio 10/16/2019
    Neil Avatar

    Dr. Nirjal Patel is exceptionally personal and friendly, taking his... read more

    Neil 10/14/2019
    Avid Avatar

    This is the best dental experience I had. I felt... read more

    Avid 10/14/2019
    Carol Avatar

    I cant say enough great things about my wonderful experience... read more

    Carol 10/14/2019
    Missy Avatar

    I love this office! I work in the dental field... read more

    Missy 10/12/2019
    Chuck Avatar

    My experience with Mid town was super! Marco is my... read more

    Chuck 10/10/2019
  • Montana Avatar

    I honestly can't say enough good things about Dr. Patel... read more

    Montana 9/26/2019
    Nathaniel Avatar

    I've seen so many dentists and for the first time... read more

    Nathaniel 9/17/2019
    Ann-Marie Avatar

    If you’re in need of a gentle dentist who truly... read more

    Ann-Marie 9/12/2019
    Suzanne Avatar

    5 star rating I had not been to the dentist in a couple... read more

    Suzanne 9/12/2019
    Leticia Avatar

    They are all about patient experience and told me what... read more

    Leticia 9/11/2019
    Amy Avatar

    The entire staff was incredibly friendly. From the receptionist when... read more

    Amy 9/07/2019
    Linda Avatar

    5 star rating I love this office! I have been a patient of... read more

    Linda 9/05/2019
    Ashley Avatar

    I felt welcome the second I walked in the door.... read more

    Ashley 8/27/2019
  • Rachel Avatar

    5 star rating I've seen Dr. Penchas before and saw Dr. Patel last... read more

    Rachel 8/26/2019
    Sara Avatar

    Everyone was so nice and friendly. I get nervous before... read more

    Sara 8/23/2019
    ATH Avatar

    This is the best experience I have ever had at... read more

    ATH 8/22/2019
    Linda Avatar

    No judgement! I have a terrible fear of dentists... read more

    Linda 8/15/2019
    Garrett Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is the best health care experience that I... read more

    Garrett 8/14/2019
    Kesha Avatar

    Our experience was awesome. From the time we walked in,... read more

    Kesha 8/08/2019
    Fiona Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received... read more

    Fiona 8/08/2019
    Boussamba Avatar

    5 star rating I had a really good experience at that location. The... read more

    Boussamba 7/29/2019
  • Bernard Avatar

    5 star rating I love the people here. The service was great! It's... read more

    Bernard 7/25/2019
    cynthia Avatar

    Dr.Phan was great. She made me feel comfortable through the... read more

    cynthia 7/20/2019
    Anthony Avatar

    5 star rating Midtown Dentistry surpassed all my expectations. I am someone who... read more

    Anthony 7/17/2019
    Connie Avatar

    Dr. Kimberly Troung is a caring professional Dentist. The staff... read more

    Connie 7/14/2019
    Molly Avatar

    5 star rating I've been to a lot of hygienist in my life... read more

    Molly 7/04/2019
    Jodi Avatar

    I can't say enough good things about the staff! From... read more

    Jodi 7/01/2019
    Christopher Avatar

    This is the best dental office in all of Houston,... read more

    Christopher 6/19/2019
    Rose Avatar

    5 star rating Friendly staff, easy to schedule, office is clean. The dentist... read more

    Rose 6/14/2019
  • James Avatar

    I've had my entire mouth deep cleaned and can't say... read more

    James 6/11/2019
    Dwayne Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent staff and always helpful abs friendly. Dr Lin was... read more

    Dwayne 5/30/2019
    Alyssa Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is fantastic. The downtown location is convenient and... read more

    Alyssa 5/29/2019
    Susan Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Penchas is simply the best dentist in Houston! I've... read more

    Susan 5/29/2019
    Lois Avatar

    Great dentists and upbeat, competent and pleasant... read more

    Lois 5/24/2019
    Ariadna Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time...
    read more

    Ariadna 5/23/2019
    Ariadna Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time...
    read more

    Ariadna 5/23/2019
    Beata Avatar

    5 star rating This is the best dental practice in the area. Everyone... read more

    Beata 5/23/2019
  • Dayshayia Avatar

    The best experience I've ever had at a dentist! I'm... read more

    Dayshayia 5/16/2019
    Mary Avatar

    I've been coming to the Westheimer office of Midtown Dentistry... read more

    Mary 5/16/2019
    Brandon Avatar

    The office staff here is amazing. Very friendly and... read more

    Brandon 5/16/2019
    David Avatar

    positive review  I'm in Houston from Charlotte on a work trip and... read more

    David 5/15/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    positive review  I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    5 star rating I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Beatris Avatar


    Beatris 5/08/2019
  • Dr. Avatar

    The Midtown Dentistry is the best place in Downtown to... read more

    Dr. 5/02/2019
    Kim Avatar

    5 star rating I have been a patient of the downtown location for... read more

    Kim 4/30/2019
    Tori Avatar

    Fantastic experience. Dr Patel is very knowledgeable and treats... read more

    Tori 4/20/2019
    Landon Avatar

    Great staff and service. They take care of me and... read more

    Landon 4/19/2019
    Rebekah Avatar

    Convenient location - great team! Everyone always has a smile... read more

    Rebekah 4/19/2019
    Rach Avatar

    I came here with a cracked tooth. Even though I’m... read more

    Rach 4/17/2019
    Esther Avatar

    Dr. Patel was funny and friendly and factual. Shawn and... read more

    Esther 4/16/2019
    Matthew Avatar

    Got cleaning and exam here. Morgan the hygienist is amazing.... read more

    Matthew 4/10/2019
  • Juanita Avatar

    5 star rating Great service, nice office, doc is gentle... Cynthia... read more

    Juanita 4/10/2019
    Isis Avatar

    5 star rating I have been a patient at Midtown Dentistry for four... read more

    Isis 3/25/2019
    Belinda Avatar

    OMG! Stacey is the BOMB! Stacey goes beyond to... read more

    Belinda 3/20/2019
    Roxanna Avatar

    5 star rating I've been attending this location for years and have always... read more

    Roxanna 3/15/2019
    Janice Avatar

    Dr Patel is a patience caring Dentist not only is... read more

    Janice 3/14/2019
    Elvernia Avatar

    The best dentist office experience I've had in my lifetime!... read more

    Elvernia 3/13/2019
    linda Avatar

    The first thing I look for and require in a... read more

    linda 3/12/2019
    K Avatar

    5 star rating My first impression of the place (besides wishing I could... read more

    K 2/22/2019
  • Nader Avatar

    I've been a patient here since 2013. Despite moving... read more

    Nader 2/20/2019
    Lillie Avatar

    Friendly staff / Great Service / Great Hygienic

    I had...
    read more

    Lillie 2/20/2019
    Nader Avatar

    5 star rating I've been a patient here since 2013. Despite moving... read more

    Nader 2/20/2019
    Kourosh Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Penchas, and his staff always provide a professional and... read more

    Kourosh 2/19/2019
    Courtney Avatar

    Brooke was amazing! I was long overdue for a... read more

    Courtney 2/07/2019
    Nadina Avatar

    Excellent experience! Dr. Patel and his team are awesome!!... read more

    Nadina 2/06/2019
    Vernon Avatar

    The staff is great! Everyone is very professional. Normal Patel,... read more

    Vernon 2/06/2019
    Eric Avatar

    Loan Pham is great. Dr. Panchas is excellent. ALL of... read more

    Eric 2/06/2019
  • Lois Avatar

    5 star rating Their office staff is friendly, efficient and runs very close... read more

    Lois 2/03/2019
    Brandy Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best experience I've ever had... read more

    Brandy 1/25/2019
    Laura Avatar

    The staff here is friendly and helpful and the dentists... read more

    Laura 1/17/2019
    Gabrielle Avatar

    The experience that we had at Midtown Dentistry deserves more... read more

    Gabrielle 1/09/2019
    Daniel Avatar

    From reception to being in the chair, Midtown is simply... read more

    Daniel 12/21/2018
    Cheyenne Avatar

    I was in and out in no time, and the... read more

    Cheyenne 12/17/2018
    Michael Avatar

    5 star rating Found out I need a root canal but won't hold... read more

    Michael 12/07/2018
    Anteneh Avatar

    Had a wonderful experience getting dental work yesterday. I’m always... read more

    Anteneh 12/06/2018
  • Maitham Avatar

    The best place to get a beautiful smile. All people... read more

    Maitham 12/06/2018
    Lindsey Avatar

    positive review  I had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Tran at... read more

    Lindsey 11/27/2018
    Margaret Avatar

    Always an wonderful experience - at the dentist’s office! ... read more

    Margaret 11/09/2018
    Juan Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry makes it all good! The team actually makes... read more

    Juan 11/01/2018
    Anna Avatar

    Dr. Gonzalez was very thorough and listened to me when... read more

    Anna 10/22/2018
    Andrea Avatar

    I have been using Midtown Dentistry for several years now.... read more

    Andrea 10/20/2018
    Sherif Avatar

    Professional and honest knowledgeable staff that will truly explain everything... read more

    Sherif 10/17/2018
    Khalil Avatar

    Such a pleasure to visit this office and the staff.... read more

    Khalil 10/11/2018
  • Monica Avatar

    Although my situation was a bit tough the staff was... read more

    Monica 10/11/2018
    Bobby Avatar

    My first visit was so much better than I expected... read more

    Bobby 10/08/2018
    Christopher Avatar

    This is a unique and superb dental office. Appointments... read more

    Christopher 10/06/2018
    Miiko Avatar

    Dr. Gonzales and staff did a great job. I felt... read more

    Miiko 10/04/2018
    Richard Avatar

    New patient here, so limited experience. But, I chose... read more

    Richard 9/23/2018
    Richard Avatar

    positive review  New patient here, so limited experience. But, I chose... read more

    Richard 9/23/2018
    Elaine Avatar

    I highly recommend Midtown Dentistry on Westheimer. The staff is... read more

    Elaine 9/21/2018
    Lisa Avatar

    Dr Gonzalez and staff are very friendly. No high pressure... read more

    Lisa 9/15/2018
  • Chris Avatar

    The front desk was very friendly, and she deals with... read more

    Chris 9/14/2018
    Katharine Avatar

    positive review  I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and nice.... read more

    Katharine 9/14/2018
    Joshua Avatar

    Went in for routine cleaning. As always, an EXCELLENT experience!... read more

    Joshua 9/12/2018
    Radhika Avatar

    Finding the right dentist that’s checks all your boxes is... read more

    Radhika 9/11/2018
    LeDarin Avatar

    The staff here were really nice and informative...Looking forward to... read more

    LeDarin 9/08/2018
    Cassandra Avatar

    I had a rather complex scheduling request and Debbie at... read more

    Cassandra 8/27/2018
    Joh Avatar

    Morgan and the Dr. were so sweet! This place is... read more

    Joh 8/20/2018
    Casha Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Tran, you rock! I can't remember the dental assistant's... read more

    Casha 8/18/2018
  • Kiera Avatar

    Everyone was extremely nice. Starting with the receptionists who greeted... read more

    Kiera 8/08/2018
    Suzie Avatar

    I love the entire staff who are friendly and treat... read more

    Suzie 8/08/2018
    Malvern Avatar

    Caring, concerned, patient, friendly, and excellent are how I would... read more

    Malvern 8/07/2018
    Євгенія Avatar

    I was recommended to this dentist office by Smile Texas.... read more

    Євгенія 8/07/2018
    Steve Avatar

    They are very good, they make sure you are comfortable... read more

    Steve 8/05/2018
    Kathryn Avatar

    The staff was very polite, knew their "stuff", and worked... read more

    Kathryn 8/04/2018
    Kathy Avatar

    Friendly staff. Love Dr. Tran! Got an appointment... read more

    Kathy 8/03/2018
    monica Avatar

    A good friend of mine referred me to Midtown Dentistry... read more

    monica 8/01/2018
  • Greg Avatar

    Couldn't have been more convenient! I recently moved to... read more

    Greg 8/01/2018
    Paula Avatar

    Thank you Dr.Patel for the rapid and excellent repair of... read more

    Paula 8/01/2018
    Rachel Avatar

    Midtown Dentisty gave me an experience above and beyond anything... read more

    Rachel 7/30/2018
    Courtni Avatar

    I have a childhood fear of the dentist office but... read more

    Courtni 7/29/2018
    Natasha Avatar

    I'm not really one to complain and I have to... read more

    Natasha 7/20/2018
    María Avatar

    I have been in USA 7 years. I have gone... read more

    María 7/18/2018
    Talisha Avatar

    This was the BEST dental experience I have ever had.... read more

    Talisha 7/16/2018
    Branden Avatar

    5 star rating Midtown dentistry is the most updated, cleanest and professional dentist... read more

    Branden 7/16/2018
  • Chris Avatar

    Dr. Tran and his team were really professional and very... read more

    Chris 7/03/2018
    Nancy Avatar

    Everything about my visit to this dentist was good. ... read more

    Nancy 6/29/2018
    Ladi Avatar

    Very friendly staff! They made me feel comfortable and relaxed.... read more

    Ladi 6/26/2018
    Crystale Avatar

    Such a nice experience. This was my first visit and... read more

    Crystale 6/24/2018
    Venessa Avatar

    I loved my experience here at Midtown dentistry. They really... read more

    Venessa 6/19/2018
    Retta Avatar

    Really like Dr. Penchas and his staff very professional.... read more

    Retta 6/19/2018
    Mac Avatar

    Excellent work by a top-notch staff. Loan is a perfect... read more

    Mac 6/19/2018
    Vianey Avatar

    After trying out several Dentistries, I ended up being afraid... read more

    Vianey 6/19/2018
  • Anita Avatar

    The staff and service were both excellent. Dr. Khan and... read more

    Anita 6/05/2018
    samantha Avatar

    They did an amazing job, they made me feel comfortable.... read more

    samantha 6/03/2018
    Bill Avatar

    If you combine great Dentists with a caring professional staff... read more

    Bill 6/03/2018
    Henry Avatar

    It was my first time ever going to the dentist.... read more

    Henry 6/01/2018
    Linda Avatar

    Jenny is a an awesome hygienist! No pain, educated me,... read more

    Linda 6/01/2018
    ICAR Avatar

    We have searched for the best dental office five... read more

    ICAR 5/26/2018
    Deb Avatar

    This was my first visit and I was very impressed.... read more

    Deb 5/15/2018
    Tessa Avatar

    I have been going to Midown Dentistry for the past... read more

    Tessa 5/07/2018
  • Timothy Avatar

    Hard to imagine describing a dentist visit as great, but... read more

    Timothy 5/05/2018
    Beata Avatar

    Dental Hygienist Loan Pham is excellent. She is wiling to... read more

    Beata 4/25/2018
    Kathy Avatar

    Thank you Stacy for being able to get me an... read more

    Kathy 4/24/2018
    Gabrielle Avatar

    The experience that we had at Midtown Dentistry deserves more... read more

    Gabrielle 4/13/2018
    Kimberly Avatar

    Staff was very professional with a willingness to help. Minor... read more

    Kimberly 4/13/2018
    Nicholas Avatar

    Great dental practice. Very professional setting and impeccably clean office.... read more

    Nicholas 4/11/2018
    Stefan Avatar

    Great service and all the staff were very friendly and... read more

    Stefan 4/09/2018
    Sherry Avatar

    5 star rating I had awesome visit at this place, a very relaxing... read more

    Sherry 4/03/2018
  • William Avatar

    Perfect Perfect 👌 Michael is the incredible of fantastic hygiene.... read more

    William 3/30/2018
    Claudia Avatar

    Staff is very nice and helpful. Practically no wait times... read more

    Claudia 3/27/2018
    diane Avatar

    I went to midtown dentistry in Summerwood to see my... read more

    diane 3/21/2018
    Elizabeth Avatar

    Dr. Penchas has been our dentist for 18 years. We... read more

    Elizabeth 3/13/2018
    Kourtney Avatar

    Michael did an amazing job cleaning my teeth and informing... read more

    Kourtney 3/08/2018
    Paulette Avatar

    So far, my experience at Midtown has been positive. ... read more

    Paulette 3/03/2018
    George Avatar

    I had an abcessed wisdom tooth thst was causing a... read more

    George 2/24/2018
    Dottie Avatar

    This week I had my first appointment with this clinic.... read more

    Dottie 2/24/2018
  • Dennis Avatar

    If you are at a point in your life where... read more

    Dennis 2/22/2018
    Paula Avatar

    I have been using Midtown Dentistry for about 10 years... read more

    Paula 2/16/2018
    Joseph Avatar

    Great work starting with smooth check in at the desk,... read more

    Joseph 2/16/2018
    Debbie Avatar

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. I went to... read more

    Debbie 2/15/2018
    Candace Avatar

    I go to Midtown because of my dental hygienist, Jenny!... read more

    Candace 2/15/2018
    Nir Avatar

    These guy are simply the best! The customer service and... read more

    Nir 2/15/2018
    Cynthia Avatar

    My experience with Midtown Dentistry was awesome, Hygenist Renea has... read more

    Cynthia 1/31/2018
    Mark Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome staff and doctors. Always nice and clean when I... read more

    Mark 1/31/2018
  • Howard Avatar

    5 star rating My experience at Midtown on Westheimer is wonderful. Loan is... read more

    Howard 1/30/2018
    Kim Avatar

    Oh Dr Penchas is the GREATEST! They use cubic... read more

    Kim 1/27/2018
    LaKesha Avatar

    Best dentist by far! Currently, I’m doing treatment for stage... read more

    LaKesha 1/24/2018
    Alexander Avatar

    The folks here are friendly (especially Renea!), they do great... read more

    Alexander 1/20/2018
    Niza Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry on Westheimer is the best! I have never... read more

    Niza 1/15/2018
    Jennifer Avatar

    5 star rating I didn't actually get anything done with Dr. Penchas but... read more

    Jennifer 12/08/2017
    Heather Avatar

    Best dentist I have ever been to! The staff is... read more

    Heather 11/21/2017
    Jennifer Avatar

    5 star rating I'm definitely not usually a big fan of going into... read more

    Jennifer 11/21/2017
  • Kelly Avatar

    I’ve always felt so confident and comfortable with Mike doing... read more

    Kelly 11/15/2017
    Michael Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry on Westheimer is superb. I broke a molar... read more

    Michael 10/28/2017
    Ivonne Avatar

    Loan Pham is awesome!! I always get seen on time,... read more

    Ivonne 10/24/2017
    Lee Avatar

    I had a huge phobia of the dentist, as far... read more

    Lee 10/19/2017
    Marilyn Avatar

    Loan and Dr.Penchas are great! They pay attention to detail... read more

    Marilyn 10/09/2017
    Suzanne Avatar

    This was my first time at Midtown Denistry and I... read more

    Suzanne 10/06/2017
    Marcia Avatar

    Absolutely loved this Dental Office!! Mike the Dental Hygenist,... read more

    Marcia 10/05/2017
    David Avatar

    I'm 66 and have all of my teeth. That... read more

    David 10/03/2017
  • Becky Avatar

    This was my first visit to Midtown Dentistry for... read more

    Becky 9/29/2017
    Michael Avatar

    great service. they made me feel as calm as I... read more

    Michael 9/20/2017
    Stefanie Avatar

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    Dr. Dupree...
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We are Closed

The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.

Midtown Dentistry is currently not providing services for cleanings or elective appointments.

By doing so, we are helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and Preserving the supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for emergencies.

We look forward to restoring full-service dental services as soon as practical. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time

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