Do Acrylic Teeth Stain?

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Do full or partial dentures made from acrylic stain?

The above is a question often asked by patients, and the truth is that yes, acrylic teeth can become stained. With age, the acrylic full or partial dentures will be more apt to stain. There are steps that you can do that will lessen the staining.

Older Dentures Are Likely to Be More Stained

On average dentures need to be replaced every 3 to 6 years. Not only will the teeth become stained, but the pink acrylic base may become lighter in color and worn-out looking.

Why Do Acrylic Teeth Stain?

Although the answer to do acrylic teeth stain is yes, the degree of staining can be dependent on lifestyle choices.

There have been numerous studies looking at the color stability of different denture teeth.

The studies exposed denture teeth to various substances, and the following were the worst offenders when it came to staining teeth regardless of the type of acrylics teeth used:

  1. Filtered coffee
  2. Instant coffee
  3. Tea
  4. Colas – which had the least effect on a color change

While this may mean that cutting down on highly colored foods and drinks prolong the whiteness of denture teeth, it’s not always so easy to give up favorites such as coffee. So what is the answer?

Proper Care of Dentures can Reduce the Amount of Staining

There are lots of different cleaning solutions specifically designed for dentures. Regular use of these products will reduce the staining of your dentures.

Using an ultrasonic cleaner designed for dentures may also help, and will undoubtedly leave the dentures feeling fresh and clean to wear. Diluted white vinegar to help lift the grimy stains works well too.

It’s essential to take care when trying to remove stains from acrylic teeth, as using something too harsh could end up damaging them.

It’s essential never to use toothpaste on dentures as it’s much too abrasive.

So aside from proper denture care and paying extra attention to diet is there anything else that can be done to prevent acrylic teeth stains?

Porcelain Dentures Instead of Acrylic

Instead of using acrylic dentures, choose porcelain denture teeth as they will be less susceptible to staining. You could also replace your denture with an alternative such as implants or an implant-supported bridge.

Choosing one of the above options you then will no longer need to ask the question “do acrylic teeth stain?”


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