Implant Second Stage Appointment Protocol

Implant uncovering and integration check prior to restoration Three to five months after an implant is placed, the bone should be ready for the implant to be uncovered, tested and restored. The range in time depends on the bone health and many other factors, and is determined by the surgeon. The patient needs to be …

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Dental Office Equipment Maintenance

  EQUIPMENT MANUALS: Hydro-Pure M Duo Purpose System filter instructions  M11 sterilizer manual Tutnauer sterilizer MANUAL Elara11 Operators Manual_ Assistina_301_manual Sympro_denture_cleaner Sandblaster– renfert model-trimmer Renfert_       Accessories for equipment: Ultrasonics Tips           SOFTWARE MANUALS: X-RAY-Apteryx-dcv-usermanual

Training Manuals

A list of training manuals used by various staff members.   Insurance Verification Training Manual ICD9_for_CT_scan_Codes Bone graft medical_dental codes Dental Assistant Training list 8 Steps to Turning Phone Calls into Patients

Pediatrics at Midtown Dentistry

How to address the pediatric/kids questions Do we see kids? Absolutely, May I ask a few questions? Who am I speaking with? How did you hear about Midtown Dentistry? What is the child’s name? How old is (name)? Is this their first trip to the dentist? Once you have established the connection with the parent/guardian, …

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Consents and Patient Forms

NEW PATIENT FORM new patient Questionnaire CONSENTS FOR TREATMENT Crown and Bridge Consent CONSENT FOR PERMANENT DELIVERY Zoom Consent Scaling & Root Planning (SRP) oral sedation consent and instructions Instructions for IV Anesthesia Consent for Dental Implant Surgery INFORMED CONSENT FOR DENTURES INFORMED CONSENT FOR PARTIALS AUTHORIZATION FOR DENTURE FINAL PROCESSING Consent for Bone Grafting …

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E-Mail Templates

new patient e-mail cleaning reminder google review e-mail template after a cleaning e-mail mail template – Instructions after an extraction e-mail template – after scaling and root planning after dental implant instruction after dental implant instruction template After Denture delivery  instruction

Template for New Patient e-Mail

  Dear    «Appt_Name»,   We are delighted to welcome you to our practice and are pleased that you chose us to serve your dental needs.  Our office is focused on providing you with expert, high quality, gentle dental care.   Your appointment, scheduled for    <<time>>   on   «Appt_Date» at our office located at: Midtown – 315 Westheimer …

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Office Manager Monthly Report Form

Please fill out and send to central office every month monthly office  report  – click on this, fill out and e-mail [gravityform id=”10″ name=”office manager monthly report”]  

New Patient Exams Hygiene

Once in a while the process and the steps are not followed. We have a system that has worked for over a decade. It works because all of the team know their part and follow it. We are all about using our system to give our patients a consistently good experience.   A good example …

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IT provider for Midtown Dentistry

Allierad: Allierad is our provider for: initial office setup hardware / equipment purchase and setup. sets up new equipment such as TV, computer. Sets up IT architecture such as firewall, internet, radio, TV station, panorex, CT, cameras,Telephones.   Dentek: Dentek is our provider for: Repair of daily problems 24/7 Online help desk Remote repair of …

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Referring a Patient

Sometimes it is necessary to refer the patient to another doctor.  This could be a dentist or a physician who need to treat the patient with a treatment modality that none of the dentists at our group do. This could be anything from TMJ or jaw pain, cancer treatment or brain surgery to a complicated root …

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Socket Grafting with Osteogen Plug

For socket grafting after an extraction we use a simple grafting procedure. Collagen plug that incorporates A dense bone graft similar to HA (but resolvable). The idea behind this is simplicity. No need for a membrane to cover the graft- just do 4 things: 1) extract gently. 2) curettage and degranulate the bone. 3) place …

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Protocol for Receiving and Confirming Laboratory Cases

PROTOCOL FOR RECEIVING AND CONFIRMING LABORATORY CASES           WE USE GOOGLE SHEETS LAB TRACKING FORM TO TRACK OUR LAB CASES. Log into the form and you can track the lab cases and their pending situation. – you will need to have a midtown dentistry google account. Receiving lab cases: Who is responsible for …

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Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes” – case acceptance 101

Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes” Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes” is a lecture of Dr. Paul Homoly on case acceptance. In it there’s a lot of wisdom and humor that make listening rewarding and fun. It’s the perfect companion to his book Making It Easy for Patients to Say “Yes” …

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Oral Sedation at Midtown Dentistry

Oral sedation is an important tool in dentistry. It allows patients to have a comfortable dental experience. This class for Midtown Dentistry staff is a beginner class in Oral Sedation. This class will teach you: What is Oral Sedation Why we use oral Sedation What medications we use for Oral Sedation When do you need …

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Ordering Supplies at Midtown Dentistry

Need to know how to order at Midtown Dentistry? This video will explain: How to order supplies in each office Who orders supplies What to do if you have an emergency and need supplies ASAP

How to Create a Dental Blog

Have a Dental Website? You need to know how to create a dental blog! Dental Websites are the advertisement window of any successful practice. The dental website is the main method of receiving new patients into the practice. A successful and truthful website transmits the reality of the practice the same way a window would – …

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Dental Malpractice and Risk Management for the Dentist

Malpractice suits are stressful, disruptive, costly, and emotionally draining. But they are an unsavory part of our professional “tour of duty”. In this lecture you will learn The fundamental issues in dental malpractice lawsuits What are the risks and legal exposure you have as a dentist What lawyers look for when suing The best steps to …

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Managing Upset Dental Patients

a class on Managing Upset Dental Patients for dental staff. Every clinic has upset clients – the trick is learning to resolve these issues efficiently

Permanent Cements At Midtown Dentistry

Cementation of prosthesis is a critical part of delivering a long lasting restoration that is trouble free. This video will describe the products and process we use at Midtown Dentistry. [lightbox type=”iframe” href=”″][/lightbox]

Temporary Dental Cements

At Midtown Dentistry we use several types of temporary cement. In this video you will learn about them and their use.

Becoming a Super Dentist – Zero to Hero

Once any professional receives their diploma from a professional school – is that the end of your training? The answer is obviously NO. But what to do next? In this presentation you will: Learn about the 6 areas you need to address to become a successful person Receive specific topics to improve each area The …

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Midtown Training Classes

Everyone knows that our award-winning dentistry starts with our amazing staff members and their knowledge. In this section of our site, you’ll educational and training material we use to train and improve our team, broken into sections depending on staff positions such as dental assistants, administrative support staff, or clinicians. At Midtown, everyone gets the …

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