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Dental Laboratory Training for Dentist

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dental laboratory training for associate dentist

Want to succeed delivering restorations to your patients?
in dental laboratory training for dentist you will learn:

  • What labs really do for you
  • What labs want from you
  • How to use your dental lab for success
  • What is the one big difference between how a patient , dentist and lab look at a restoration.
  • The types of restorations we use for each clinical situation at midtown dentistry.

With infinite prosthetic options and hundreds of different materials – dentists get “lost in the woods” and cant get a consistent clinical result that pleases their client and makes their clinical life easier. At Midtown Dentistry we have come up with a system that WORKS FOR OUR GROUP. The key is consistency across the board and narrowing the choices to a select few that have good clinical results in the majority of applications.


Some patients may need to have a prosthesis made in a rush. They may have an important wedding, going out of town, or just want it done quickly.

Here are some issues you must be aware of:

  • In some cases, we CAN rush the case. It depends on the prosthesis ( crown, bridge, partial denture , full mouth of veneers).
  • Be aware that because time is an issue, patients can become very upset if their expectation is not met.
  • The dentist must MANAGE PATIENT EXPECTATION on top of the actual dentistry – so this will become a more difficult case.

• Rush cases have an extra fee. There is a code for a rush fee. A treatment coordinator or assistant must add the fee to the case.
• Rush cases must be called and scheduled with the lab on a case-by-case before you tell the patient it can be done. If you don’t call and verify with the lab – it will not happen.
• The doctor performing the case is in charge of making sure the case can be rushed and verifying that the scheduling is done correctly.

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas has been practicing Cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 20-years in Houston. He has won numerous awards and written articles and books regarding Implant Dentistry and Dental Oncology.

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