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Managing Upset Dental Patients

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a class on Managing Upset Dental Patients for dental staff. Every clinic has upset clients - the trick is learning to resolve these issues efficiently

Managing Upset Dental Patients

You know this situation – you answer the phone and unexpectedly, out of the blue you get run over by an upset patient.

It can ruin your whole day. No – it can ruin your whole week. It makes working at Midtown Dentistry not enjoyable.

Well, you figure out other dental clinics might have upset patients too – or do they all come to Midtown Dentistry.

And then comes your manager to the rescue. In five seconds flat she fixes the problem and presto – the patient is happy again.

How did that happen?

How can I resolve these problems so well?

In this class you will learn:

  • Why do people get angry?

  • What types of anger are there?

  • What are the ten steps to help manage an upset patient?

  • How to feel better even when a patient is upset

 Additional material to read –Turn-Upset-Patients-into-a-Practice-Asset


  • A patient tells you they want the dentist private cell number – what do you do?
  • A patient asks for the hygienist private e-mail – What to do?

First, you probably have a clue why they want the number. That will give you the best direction on what to do.

  • Is it to congratulate Dr. Penchas on his award winning ballet dance?
  • Is it because the patient seems upset and wants to complain?
  • Is it because the patient wants to ask a question that you can answer for them?

Obviously if they have a complaint and you don’t know how to resolve it to their satisfaction – immediately call your supervisor or the dentist involved in the treatment.

Here is what you need to do to give a patient  the provider contact details:

  1. Ask: “ Is there anything I may help you with?” –   If there is a question or need that you can answer do so.
  2. If the patient wants an e-mail or telephone number. – give them the business card of the provider they want. These cards are available at every front desk of our offices.
    On that card is the personal e-mail for the provider as well as the telephone number that they can use to leave a message.
  3. Ask them if they would like the provider to contact them : “ Would you like me to ask Dr. Penchas to contact you?”. If the answer is yes- send the provider an e-mail with the information: “Who, When, What, Why.”
Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas has been practicing Cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 20-years in Houston. He has won numerous awards and written articles and books regarding Implant Dentistry and Dental Oncology.

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