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Pediatrics at Midtown Dentistry

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How to address the pediatric/kids questions
Do we see kids?
Absolutely, May I ask a few questions?
Who am I speaking with?
How did you hear about Midtown Dentistry?
What is the child’s name? How old is (name)?
Is this their first trip to the dentist? Once you have established the connection with the parent/guardian, you will continue with the New Patient Telephone Slip.
You will be able to enter ALL necessary information: Personal information Insurance Special needs, if any Dental concerns After assessing the child’s needs, we will be able to determine if we are able to move forward with treatment or if a referral to a pedodontist is in order.

Remember, these children will be brought by a parent/guardian. There is the possibility/ opportunity of bringing in the entire family as new patients.
We don’t want to miss that chance.

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas has been practicing Cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 20-years in Houston. He has won numerous awards and written articles and books regarding Implant Dentistry and Dental Oncology.

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