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Socket Grafting with Osteogen Plug

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For socket grafting after an extraction we use a simple grafting procedure.

  • Collagen plug that incorporates A dense bone graft similar to HA (but resolvable).
    The idea behind this is simplicity.
  • No need for a membrane to cover the graft- just do 4 things:
    1) extract gently.
    2) curettage and degranulate the bone.
    3) place the Plug to height of bone in socket.
    4) place an x suture on top of socket.


  • Remember that if you Suspect an active infection or a buccal wall missing bone- this will not work at all.
  • If there is anything but a clean 4 wall defect after the extraction you will need to revert to a full flap, clean the socket and graft with bone and a membrane. PRF and PRP are very helpful in these situations.
  • You really want to only do posterior socket grafts. Anterior grafts are much more difficult because you can lose the interprox papilla and patients are very sensitive to aesthetics. Let a more experienced person do those for the first few years and progress when ready.


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Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas

Dr. Jonathan Penchas has been practicing Cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 20-years in Houston. He has won numerous awards and written articles and books regarding Implant Dentistry and Dental Oncology.

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