Not Your Average Dental Clinic

Midtown Dentistry strives to be more than the average dental clinic. To this, it means we put dentistry and our patients first, and if you love the dental field as much as we do, we think you’ll agree that this model works.

Focus on the Patient and Professional Growth

We know you picked this profession to help maintain happy, healthy smiles, and you can only be the best at what you do if you have the time to focus on your work. Our dental team doesn’t worry about staffing, billing, scheduling, and other time consuming administrative tasks. Instead, they focus on our patients and their careers, while our incredible dental office support team takes care of the other details.

Innovation and Education are the Backbones

footer-logoInnovation and education are also essential to us at Midtown Dentistry.

We strive to provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Each person on our dental team has the opportunity to grow their knowledge and learn the latest dental techniques.

It helps us, it helps you, and most of all, it helps our patients.

If you are a dental professional and would like to be a part of our Houston dentist team, we would love to hear from you.


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