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Exceptional Service and Teamwork

Being voted Houston’s Best Dentist multiple times doesn’t come from being average.  It comes from a combination of listening to our patients, performing high-quality dental treatments, and standing behind our work.  Our standards are high. Our goal is to show our customers we care about their oral health by helping them achieve the smile they want.

Below is a list of our core values:

Strive to be the Best You Can

Our dental office with the latest and updated dental equipment gives us the ability to provide our patients with the most precise and accurate dental treatments.


The equipment isn’t the only thing that’s up-to-date.  We encourage our professional team to continue learning about the areas of dentistry they love so they can be the best they can be in their area.  We believe if you’re passionate about your work, it will show – and if you’re happy, we’re delighted.

Teamwork Enables Excellence

Nobody can do everything, which is why at Midtown Dentistry, we work as a team — and everyone on our team is an equal player.


Our mission of providing our patients with excellent oral health and exceptional customer service takes a dedicated unit. This type of service begins with the person who answers the phone, to the dental team, to the person who schedules the patient’s next appointment.  On our own, we might do good work, but as a team, we can do incredible jobs on behalf of our grateful patients.

Effective Communication Rules

At Midtown Dentistry, we take the time to explain everything to our patients in advance.  This way, there are no surprises in the pricing, the treatments, or in the results.  We show them their options and educate them about the pros and cons of various procedures so they can make the right decision for their lifestyle.

We encourage our patients to get second opinions. We do not want them to feel pressured into accepting our treatment option if they are unsure. In the end, we believe that being honest and transparent will beat all the gimmicks out there.

No Judgment Please

Not everyone is dedicated when it comes to taking care of his or her teeth.  Whether a customer has regular visits or hasn’t seen a dentist in a decade, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that they are seeing us now?  At Midtown Dentistry, we treat every person as if they are our only patient and provide them with the best care we can. We take the time to listen to their issues and try to give them the best possible treatment solutions that match their budget, time, and situation.

Stay Focused on a Healthy Smile

We know patients have issues and complicated lives and are one of the reasons why we accept early and late appointments.  We work around our patients’ schedule issues. We find ways to help them budget their dental treatments. We work with patients who have insurance, …and those who don’t.  Whatever the issue, we “work the problem” to help our patients get the dental treatment they need. The bottom line is it is about happy patients and good oral health and healthy smiles.

Embrace Challenges

Nothing makes us happier than working on a mouth that has a unique problem.  Our team of cosmetic dentists, prosthodontists, and maxillofacial specialists can accomplish any challenge a patient presents.

We love seeing the satisfied smiles of patients who never thought they would smile again.  We don’t just accept challenges; we embrace them.

Why I love working at Midtown Dentistry

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Employment Listings

Open Position – Front Desk Help

Organized Self-Starter Needed for Front Desk Midtown Dentistry is looking for a highly organized person to help out at our front desk. The front desk help position includes getting the office ready to open, calling patients to remind them of their appointments, hygiene recalls, checking on insurance submissions, greeting and receiving patients when they arrive, scheduling, and

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With 5 locations throughout Houston Texas

Why our Patients Recommend Midtown Dentistry

” They are all very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and my  teeth look and feel great every time I leave her chair, even now with braces – she’s amazing.”

  • Nikki Angelique Avatar

    The cleaners, receptionists, and dentists are all so kind and attentive along with gentle when... read more

    Nikki Angelique 7/02/2020
    Kenny P. Avatar

    Clinic took extra precautions to protect patients while in the office. Cleaning went fine and... read more

    Kenny P. 6/30/2020
    Huguette Guerra Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry in Summerwood has the best staff who are welcoming and very professional. I... read more

    Huguette Guerra 6/29/2020
  • Diem Nguyen Avatar

    My wife and mother in law raved about this place and I needed a new... read more

    Diem Nguyen 6/28/2020
    Laurie Stringer Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is rate #1 in Houston for a reason...because they are truly fantastic! My... read more

    Laurie Stringer 6/26/2020
    Diana Salazar Avatar

    I’m extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr Truong did an excellent job with... read more

    Diana Salazar 6/19/2020
  • Kristina M Garcia Avatar

    Consistently from 2011 to 2020, the patient experience has exceeded our expectations. I drive from... read more

    Kristina M Garcia 6/16/2020
    Cort Wernz Avatar

    I can’t recommend Midtown Dentistry enough! I’m new to Houston and hadn’t yet established myself... read more

    Cort Wernz 6/12/2020
    Randall Stripling Avatar

    I have been going to Midtown Dentistry for 18 years. Extremely satisfied with the... read more

    Randall Stripling 6/09/2020
  • stephen cooney Avatar

    My wife, four children, and I have been coming to midtown for 16 years and... read more

    stephen cooney 6/08/2020
    C W Avatar

    Hands down the BEST dental office I have ever been to. The staff are so... read more

    C W 6/05/2020
    Chris Divalerio Avatar

    The Hygienist was great , I had better results for my teeth cleaning than other... read more

    Chris Divalerio 5/27/2020
  • DeKeena Mosley Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry has the best staff! From the moment you walk through the door, Courtney... read more

    DeKeena Mosley 5/23/2020
    Sunny Heller Avatar

    I have anxiety in general but I have an even greater fear when it comes... read more

    Sunny Heller 3/18/2020
    Dominique Peterson Avatar

    I visited the office today and received excellent service from Andrew Gomes. As most people,... read more

    Dominique Peterson 2/25/2020
  • Elda Cummings Avatar

    I came to Midtown Dentistry initially because it was a convenient downtown location, only a... read more

    Elda Cummings 2/25/2020
    Tanya Bera Avatar

    Can't express in words my feelings for this wonderful dentistry awesome experience very helpful cooperative... read more

    Tanya Bera 2/19/2020
    Lizet Gomez-Lluguin Avatar

    I've been a patient of this dental office for over a decade due to its... read more

    Lizet Gomez-Lluguin 2/14/2020
  • Kyndra Lucas Avatar

    I cannot express the true appreciation for Dr.Gomes and the staff at Midtown Dentistry Pearland!... read more

    Kyndra Lucas 1/31/2020
    Kelbie Celestine Avatar

    my hygienist Loan was the absolute best! she was super informative and very upbeat and... read more

    Kelbie Celestine 1/23/2020
    Melissa Prince Avatar

    We have been going to Midtown Dentistry since they opened their Pearland location. The staff... read more

    Melissa Prince 1/18/2020
  • Meredith Eatough Avatar

    I’m a frequent flyer at the dentist and the dental hygienist Loan has made my... read more

    Meredith Eatough 1/14/2020
    Ivan Gonzalez Avatar

    Mark Anthony did a great job with my ZOOM whitening treatment - very pleased with... read more

    Ivan Gonzalez 1/13/2020
    Hanh Nguyen Avatar

    Even though I hate going to the dentist, this place goes above and beyond to... read more

    Hanh Nguyen 12/31/2019
  • Cameron Trainer Avatar

    They have great services and have been cleaning my teeth for about 5 years now.... read more

    Cameron Trainer 12/18/2019
    Christina Dennis Avatar

    The best dentist office I’ve ever visited. The best cleanings, very polite, never a long... read more

    Christina Dennis 12/06/2019
    Fletcher Rose Avatar

    I've been coming here for the past 7 years. Would definitely recommend. Dentists seem to... read more

    Fletcher Rose 12/04/2019
  • Brittany woodson Avatar

    Dr Patel, Ronnica, Stacey, Jennifer and the entire team we’re amazing! First off I hate... read more

    Brittany woodson 11/29/2019
    Debra Drescher Avatar

    My 88-year old mother and myself are new patients of record. On our first visit... read more

    Debra Drescher 11/15/2019

    Very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and she... read more

    DANIELA RIBITA 11/08/2019
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