Giving Back

Giving Back

The staff at  MidtownDentistry take great satisfaction in giving back to those less fortunate.

While we treat our patients and friends we learn to be compassionate. Philanthropy is just that – compassion. Helping others is a way of life and it takes many forms.

By being a part of MidtownDentistry our patients allow us to contribute to many projects. Here are some of them:

  • Heifer international – Poland – Agriculture and Tourism Development Project
  • Project Total: $317,860
    Funds Raised: $185,305
    Amount Left: $132,880

    The Place: Rymanów Spa, Dylagowa, and Bukowsko villages are located in the northern part of Bieszczdy Mountains within the boundaries of the International Biosphere Reserve Eastern Carpathians. The Reserve protects clean, natural ecosystem as well as the cultural heritage of the region. Unfortunately, yields obtained in harsh mountainous climate, where rocky soils prevail, are two times lower than the average yields in the country. Only certain kinds of animals can tolerate these conditions.

    The People: The people of this region are primarily farmers, but farming faces sever limitations because of the harsh conditions. The farmers can’t generate additional income outside agriculture, since there are not employment opportunities available to them. To help the situation, poor rural families try to learn about and to introduce environmentally friendly farm practices into their farms, which would be suitable for harsh climate and at the same time would have potential for income generation. Among these practices are bee keeping and beef cattle breeding, led in a traditional shepherd way, which are recommended also by the Reserve.

    The Problem: While farmers would like to develop more ecologically sound farming practices, they have few resources to get started. Furthermore, the farmers of this region would like to develop agro-tourism for their area but most farms don’t have a clear path to becoming tourist destinations.

    The Solution: Beekeeping is a very good activity for small scale farmers. It does not require a large space or a big initial investment, but can become a source of additional income for the farm families. Moreover, bees contribute to natural and agricultural ecosystem preservation through pollination.

    Another component of this project will be beef cattle breeding, which is suitable for the region. There is a long tradition of cattle breeding in this area based on the great pastures that exist in this area. They constitute as much as 70% of arable land. The most popular breed in this region has been always Simmental Cattle, which guarantees the best meat and milk productivity in the mountainous region. Milk and meat will be used for self-sufficiency of the families and the surplus will be sold on the local market.
    The herds will be slowly converted into beef production, which is the best possible solution for the farmers who have barns available, but can’t continue selling milk due to EU restrictions that make small-scale dairy farming difficult. The Eastern Carpathian region has many natural treasures and can become an attractive place for tourists. The Heifer project is aimed at helping visitors appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of this region. The educational path, which is going to be prepared by the children and teachers from the Pobiedno School will enable tourists to learn more about this place. It will also encourage visitors to come and to use the agro-tourism facilities available, as well as to buy organic food produced in the village. As a result, the path will help local farmers to earn income from activities which they run. Additionally, it will be used for the region’s promotion.

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