Do You Have Lose Fitting Dentures?

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Do You Have Lose Fitting Dentures?

Midtown Dentistry
Houston, Texas

Loose Fitting Dentures are Uncomfortable

Loose-fitting dentures can be more uncomfortable than having missing or damaged teeth.  They can be the cause of embarrassment when they slip, as well as make it difficult for the person to speak correctly.

Worse, loose dentures can end up popping out while eating or talking.

Dentures are usually set into place using glue specifically made for them. While they do offer some stability, the adhesive eventually wears out, and the teeth can lose up to 90 percent of their efficiency. The glue can also be quite messy when they are applied.

All-on-Four Implants or Hybrid Dentures Are a Good Solution

All on Four implants is a viable solution to this uncomfortable dentures. These hybrid dentures use implants to secure the dentures to your jaw. Traditional dentures rely on the ability of the person to control several factors such as muscle control and saliva production to work correctly. On the other hand, the implant-supported dentures firmly lock the dental appliance in place to ensure useful functions.

All-on-4 implants work better with the jaws, lips, and tongue because it does not put that much stress on them. Traditional dentures require the need for retraining the mouth to chew.

The denture wearer has to learn how to use the jaw muscles in such a way that it holds the dentures in place at the same time it grinds up the food. Implant-supported dentures allow the person to make use of the natural chewing process.

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