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Root canal fillers may cause an allergic reaction and can be a severe health risk. It can lead to severe pain in the jaw, swelling of the mouth or the lip, rashes, and even difficulty in breathing. Chances of an allergy to dental root canal filler depend on a patient’s sensitivity to latex. Latex is one of the most used materials when it comes to dental procedures. Fillings, gloves, and dental dams are usually made out of latex.

There are many things used during a root canal procedure. Aside from the latex-based fillings, there are injectable anesthetics, surface disinfectants, topical anesthetics, and topical anesthetic agents. Always check with your dentist to lessen the risks of possible allergic reactions.

Gutta-percha is one of the most common fillings used in root canal nowadays. Gutta-percha is a purified form of Mazer Wood Trees mixed with zinc oxide and other materials to make a rubbery substance that is used to fill the tooth’s roots. The gutta-percha is sealed into the roots with a sealer. Typically it involves the use of eugenol and zinc oxide. The sealing of the tooth is to prevent bacteria from entering it.

Since gutta-percha is chemically related to latex, those who experience allergic reactions to latex also experience some kind of cross-sensitivity to gutta-percha. Latex allergies are usually immediate and nare characterized by itching, hives, or even anaphylaxis.

Allergic to Latex?

When getting a root canal and you are allergic to latex, ask your dentist about the materials that he would use. If you know that have latex allergies, always check out other alternatives for your root canal filling. Sometimes, dentists use dental dams to protect the mouth from the heat needed during a root canal procedure. Typically Made from latex, a rubber dam can also be latex-free. Always ask if you are in doubt, as allergies can cause serious health problems.

 Do you think you are allergic to dental root canal fillers?

If you feel something different after a root canal, always consult your dentist and/or an allergist. List down all the materials that awere used during your root canal procedure, including the filling. There might be a possibility that you are allergic to other materials other than the filling itself.

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