Are Valplast Partials Comfortable to Wear?

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Are Valplast Partials Comfortable to Wear?

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Valplast a Different Experience

Losing teeth is a common occurrence. By age 50, the average American has lost 6-teeth. One of the cheapest and most effective solutions to replace one or two lost teeth is to wear a partial denture.

The problems with traditional partial dentures are that they frequently require metal clasps to hold them into place. And these clasps may need healthy teeth to be modified to operate correctly.

Besides, wearing a partial denture made with metal can be uncomfortable.

Valplast partials offer a completely different experience. One of the most frequently asked questions asked by patents struggling with traditional dentures is ‘are Valplast partials comfortable to wear.’ The answer is yes. The next most commonly asked question is ‘why are valplast partials comfortable to wear?’

Why are Valplast Partials Comfortable to Wear?

Valplast dentures have neither hard acrylic nor metal parts; instead, they use durable nylon material that is thin and flexible. The material, developed more than fifty years ago, is thoroughly tested, and is very reliable.

Valplast Are Thin but Strong

A  benefit to using this flexible material is that valplast partial dentures are thinner than traditional hard acrylic partial dentures.

They don’t need the extra strength given by a thicker base or metal bar, making them far less obtrusive to wear.

These flexible partial dentures are far less noticeable than ordinary partials. The sturdy nylon material comes in a range of natural gum colors and is so thin that it almost appears to be slightly transparent.

Natural Gum Color Shows Through

The advantage of this is that it allows some of the natural gum color to show through, making this type of denture far less visible than others.

The clasp uses the same flexible nylon material, so they easily blend in with the teeth and gums. A Valplast denture feels smooth and comfortable to the tongue. It makes wearing a denture a pleasure rather than a pain.

Are Valplast Partials Comfortable Out of the Box?

Most patients find their new Valplast denture very easy to wear. Especially those who have previously worn a bulky acrylic denture, but all dental appliances usually require a short adjustment period. There shouldn’t be any irritations or discomfort after this period, but sometimes it is necessary to make slight adjustments to a dental appliance to ensure a perfect fit.

Taking Care of Your Valplast Dentures

It is essential to look after any denture, and Valplast dentures are no exception. The following is needed

  • Using running water rinse your Valplast
  • Use a denture brush to remove any food particles
  • Soak your dentures for 10 to 15 minutes nightly
  • You can soak them overnight three times a week
  • When not in use keep them in the specialized solution or water so that they are hydrated
  • You can use products like Denture Sonic or Denture Spa for improved cleaning

Following these simple instructions should ensure your Valplast denture remains comfortable to wear for a very long time and retains its good looks. Then if anyone asks, ‘are Valplast partials comfortable to wear’ you’ll be able to answer yes.

These types of dentures are suitable for patients who may have metal allergies, or who may be sensitive to some of the materials used in acrylic dentures. They are an extremely versatile option as if you lose another tooth, and it may well be possible to add another tooth to the Valplast denture.

Lifetime Guarantee

The nylon resin base comes with a lifetime guarantee, although this doesn’t extend to the teeth on the denture. This type of denture isn’t suitable for everyone, but we will be able to advise you as to whether or not it is the correct option for you at your next appointment.

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