What is a Prosthetic Crown?

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What is a Prosthetic Crown?

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With regular visits to the dentist, your teeth can be protected for as long as possible. However, as you grow older, teeth can become discolored, worn down, chip, or crack. There are many possible solutions for these, though. One of the most popular options in keeping your teeth looking its best is a dental or prosthetic crown.

A prosthetic crown’s purpose is to cap or cover a tooth that is not in its best shape anymore. It can restore the natural shape of the teeth and can be cemented on the visible parts only, from the gum line up. There are many uses for a crown. It is commonly used to reshape the tooth. It can provide a cosmetic solution to the discolored or misshapen tooth. It can also be used to cover a dental implant or hold a dental bridge, so it stays in place. In some cases, the crown can be used on children, too, but go to a pediatric dentist to make sure it is appropriately placed and wouldn’t give the child any discomfort.


Getting a prosthetic crown is a two-step process. On the first visit, your dentist will examine and prepare your tooth for crown adhesion. A temporary crown will be used to cover the reshaped tooth. The patient then can have a dry-run on how the crown will look and fit into their regular activities. On the second visit, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown will be checked and approved by the patient. If the color, feel, and look are acceptable to the patient, the permanent crown will be cemented. You may be asked to avoid certain types of food for a while, so pay attention to what your denist has to say.

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