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Houston, Texas

Your cosmetic dentist in Houston Texas will most likely advise you to go for tooth-colored fillings if ever you would need such procedure. Although another type called amalgam filling is cheaper, it can’t beat tooth-colored ones when it comes to appearance and safety.


Tooth filling, as the name suggests, fills the hole in the tooth that was damaged by decay. Once decay is removed, fillings are used to seal and protect the tooth. This is done as a response to cavity attacks.


While amalgam filling can also effectively seal the tooth, the advantage of tooth-colored fillings is that it does not expand even after a number of years, making tooth safe from cracking that is usually experienced in amalgams. Additionally, tooth-colored fillings definitely look like natural tooth unlike dark-hued amalgams. The latter also contains mercury, a material avoided by many consumers today because of its toxicity.


Perhaps, the only drawbacks of tooth-colored fillings are cost and time it takes to perform it. Your insurance may not be able to cover the difference between amalgam and tooth-colored filling. However, these are reasonable given that tooth-colored fillings are made of quality materials and that cosmetic dentist should make sure that it is done properly.


A good cosmetic dentist ensures that the shape and color of the treated tooth is similar to the other teeth. Check if tooth is comfortable to your bite and if it feels smooth to the tongue. It should not also trap food particles and cause sensitivity.

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