What Amalgam Fillings Contain Mercury?

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Did You Know that Amalgam Fillings Contain Mercury?

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, a chemical that gained notoriety in recent years for its toxicity. Mercury is extremely hazardous to the human body and also to the environment.


Its use is highly discouraged or allowed with caution. Many dentists already practice mercury-free dentistry. They say no to amalgam procedures and educate their patients why they should go for the safer and more natural-looking tooth-colored fillings. However, it doesn’t look like amalgam will lose to its competitor quickly.

First of all, amalgam fillings are affordable and covered in most dental insurance policies. In many cases, patients who will choose a more expensive option will have to shoulder the difference. Some people won’t mind paying extra as long as their safety is not compromised, but others would go where the price is right. Many state-run and charity dental programs have a limited budget, too, so they opt for amalgam fillings. Hence, despite the unnatural appearance and dangers of silver-mercury in the mouth, amalgam is still around.


Discerning dental patients and professionals agree that in the long run, amalgam fillings come with a more significant price.


Besides the risks of mercury leach in body organs, it can significantly weaken teeth. Amalgam procedure requires a deep drill so it won’t crack easily. As the material won’t bond to the tooth, what you will have are big fillings that can leave your tooth more susceptible to breakage. In time, you will also have to worry about root canals and crowns. It may even lead to getting dental implants.

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