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If you need a crown or bridge and are concerned about the overall appearance of your mouth then it’s likely you’ll want to choose a restoration made from zirconia. You may also wonder which crowns are the strongest? This material is renowned for giving the best quality results and is extremely strong and durable. It is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to have cosmetic dentistry to restore their smile.

Most zirconium crowns are covered with a special type of porcelain as the actual zirconia is often colored white. This does produce very good results, but there is the risk that the porcelain could become chipped or cracked, especially in anyone who is prone to clenching and grinding. These types of crowns also need to be a certain thickness which can be a problem when restoring back teeth where there is very little room. Another issue with this type of crown is that any adjustments in the dental chair run the risk of exposing the bright white zirconium underneath.

Midtown Dentistry is able to offer patients BruxZir® solid zirconia crowns which solve all these issues without compromising on appearance. The zirconia is tooth colored and comes in lots of different shades, with the color extending right through the material. This means any small adjustments can be made before the crown is permanently bonded in the mouth, without any risk of the color changing shade in any way.

BruxZir® is ideal for all you clenchers and grinders out there, and it’s good for people who have a very tight bite at the back of their mouth. If you have a very tight bite then this means there is insufficient room to place conventional porcelain bonded to metal crowns or conventional porcelain covered zirconia crowns. In the past the only option would have been to have a highly visible gold crown, or a porcelain fused to metal crown with a polished metal bite stop on the occlusal or biting surface.

While durable these options are hardly appealing for anyone looking for the very best cosmetic results. In contrast, BruxZir® crowns have a natural translucency similar to your own teeth, so no-one need know you have any crowns or bridges. The material can be used for single crowns, bridges, dental implants, and for inlays and onlays, and is covered by a seven-year warranty. It can even be used to replace an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.

Even though this material is extremely strong, it will not damage the opposing teeth. In fact zirconia crowns are extremely gentle when interacting with natural teeth, and studies have shown that the risk of the tooth enamel wearing down on teeth coming into contact with BruxZir® restorations is actually less than for conventional porcelain crowns.

Have you managed to destroy conventional porcelain crowns in the past through having a heavy bite or grinding habits? Or perhaps you are simply interested in finding out more about these beautiful, strong and aesthetically appealing tooth restorations? Whatever your reasons, it’s worth contacting Dr. Jonathan Penchas, or any of the dentists at Midtown Dentistry to find out more.

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