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A Woman’s Body and Oral Health

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A woman goes through hormonal changes many times in her life whether she likes it or not. With every period of change, periodontal health must also be taken into consideration because it can greatly affect her general well-being as well. You may start to wonder how does a woman’s body and her oral hygiene effect one another.

The periods where every woman usually experience hormonal changes are puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.


Because this period is characterized by increased production of sex hormones, this can affect oral conditions by making gums become more sensitive. Sensitive gums can lead to easy buildup of plaque and cavities. Even food particles that are left on the mouth for a longer time than necessary can irritate gums and lead to swelling, redness and developing gum disease later on.


When a woman is approaching her monthly period, she experiences several symptoms which may include sensitive or bleeding gums and swelling inside the cheeks. Increased production of sex hormones also happens during this period. Although these hormonal changes subside once the menstruation starts, the symptoms may last to as long as one week before the onset of her period so it is beneficial to be more mindful of oral habits during this time.


When a woman is pregnant, there sure are a lot of changes in her body and aside from the physical changes, it also includes hormonal changes. Because good oral health reflects in the body’s general well-being, being mindful of your diet during the whole nine months of pregnancy can make a big difference not only to your own body but also the baby’s.

A pregnant woman is prone to swelling, sensitive and bleeding gums. Because a pregnant woman cannot just take any medication to take care of gum problems or periodontal infections when they occur, consultation with your dentist is very crucial to finding the best dental options and minimizing health risks for the unborn child.

Oral Contraceptives

Taking oral contraceptives can affect a woman’s body because these pills mimic the effects of pregnancy. Because pregnancy brings hormonal changes so does taking oral contraceptives. You will also experience sensitive, bleeding and swollen gums while taking the pill. If you are scheduled to undergo oral surgery, inform your dentist of the medicines that you are taking, birth control pills included, to determine the most appropriate antibiotics or pain medication to prescribe for faster healing and recovery.


Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, aching and sore joints, name it, may be experienced by any woman going through this period. During this time in a woman’s life, her body seems to have a mind of its own and very little can be done to stop these symptoms from happening.

Aside from the most common physical changes, a woman in her menopausal stage still has to deal with dental problems like gum bleeding and swelling, burning sensation, dry mouth and altered taste. There is no reason to panic though as long as you consult with the right medical practitioner.

You may need to visit your dentist more often than every six months but with proper care and monitoring of the situation, any woman can go through menopause with minimal risks to her oral health and general well-being.

As a woman goes through the many changes in her life, taking care of her oral health must be on top of her priority list to lead a happy and beautiful life.

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