Reasons to Get Dentures

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Houston, Texas

Knowing the benefits of getting fitted with a denture can keep the heart from being filled with fear. With the mouth being the first stage of digestion, it is important to be able to chew the food properly. A person who does not chew the food the right way can end up disrupting the processing of nutrients. Dentures suitably placed by dentists in  Houston such as Dr. Penchas can make sure that digestion happens efficiently.

If an individual has missing teeth, especially the ones found in the upper front portion of the mouth, speech can also be impaired. For example, the letter “s” and “t” require that the tongue touch the front teeth. If they are missing, it may be difficult to speak clearly.

Missing teeth also means that the existing teeth have to handle the bulk of the work. They tend to wear out more because of the grinding from regular use. The teeth tend to move towards the spaces left by missing teeth and cause the jaw to be misaligned. This situation can lead to further tooth loss. The use of dentures can make sure that the natural teeth say in place and keep them from undergoing through too much stress.

Having dentures can keep the facial profile of a person in check. Over time, worn out or misplaced teeth can force the lower jaw to move forward so the chin sticks out. The lips then tend to become thinner and the sides of the mouth can droop. Wearing dentures can prevent this situation from happening and lead the face to look younger and fresher.

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