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Could your smile use a checkup? Midtown Dentistry has you covered! Biannual checkups are a great way to ensure continued dental health. During  regular checkups your teeth will be simultaneously cleaned and inspected professionally, helping prevent things like cavities, gum disease, and other things that may cause you to need major dental work. Regular checkups keep your mouth clean and your smile brilliant!

Benefits of a Regular Checkups          

During regular checkups, dentists will always be on alert for any signs of dental diseases. Anything that comes up can be treated quickly, saving you the money you would have spent for major dental work had the disease gone untreated. If nothing is wrong with your teeth, regular checkups can help keep it that way. Many food and plaque particles are unable to be reached with just a toothbrush and mouthwash. If left in place, the plaque will build up and produce toxins that can and will lead to dental disease. At regular checkups, your hygienist will thoroughly remove and hardened plaque bacteria from your teeth, keeping your dental health under control.

Should any anomalies be found in your mouth during regular checkups, our experts will immediately diagnose and then treat it. Should your problem be more complex, have no fear. Thanks to modern dental technology, anything from decaying teeth to missing fillings and much more can be treated.

You don’t have to worry about dental work standing out awkwardly in your smile! Modern fillings are made with special composite resin. Its color can be matched to your natural teeth, making it indistinguishable and unnoticeable. Composite resin is also used in dental bonding, a process to reshape and repair chipped or cracked teeth. Dental bonding is also used in conjunction with dental contouring, which shapes your teeth to make them look more natural. Even if you’re missing a tooth, modern porcelain teeth are durable and realistic, matching your tooth structure and don’t take away from your smile.

Old Dental Work Does Always Need Renewing

Existing crowns, bridges, or veneers don’t require constant replacement. These kinds of restorations can last up to a decade when paired with good dental hygiene and oral care. They do however, require some level of maintenance to inspect for damages such as fractures or to check for plaque buildup.

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