A Hollywood Smile in 60 Minutes ( Review This 1,500 impressions USA)

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A Hollywood Smile in 60 Minutes ( Review This 1,500 impressions USA)

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Almost all celebrities take a great deal of time and effort into looking after their appearance because it is essential for them that they come close to perfection in the looks department. We are used to seeing immaculate complexions and beautifully A Hollywood Smile in 60 Minutes ( Review This 1,500 impressions USA)white regular teeth when we see a picture of a film or TV star. The fact is, though, that many of these people were not born perfect. They are people like you and I, all slightly different and often having slight flaws needing to be ironed out by a cosmetic surgeon or dentist.


Most of these celebrities have enlisted the help of an excellent cosmetic dentist, and one of the procedures they virtually all go for is “Power” or “Laser” whitening of their teeth because it gives such a dramatic improvement to their smile often in 60-minutes or less.

If you have problems such as misaligned or broken teeth, then you need probably to have these sorted out first, which your Houston dentist can do for you, and then you are ready to have your teeth whitened by several shades quickly and easily in the comfort of the dentist’s chair. Teeth that have gradually become dark in color, directly through age or also because of regular tea and coffee drinking, can be easily transformed by power whitening and regain a much lighter and brighter appearance.


Power whitening uses a unique halogen light source, which is strong enough to activate a whitening gel painted over the front surfaces of the teeth, releasing oxygen, which permeates the tooth enamel, whitening it by several shades, often by as much as eight on your dentist’s tooth color chart.

It is possible to whiten your teeth at home with a similar gel, but you have to wear a plastic mouth tray full of gel for at least two hours daily for about two weeks to get a reasonable result. With power whitening, you can have a better effect in under an hour purely by sitting in the dental chair for this entirely painless and safe procedure. Your eyes are protected with dark glasses, and the gums are shielded from irritation by a rubbery covering so that only the teeth are exposed to the combination of light and whitening gel.


There are several reliable brands of this powerful whitening system such as BrightSmile, Zoom, and Rembrandt, and studies have shown no adverse effects from this treatment, which doesn’t alter the tooth structure in any way but removes discolorations.


The effect of this kind of teeth whitening can last for several years, although a lot depends on habits such as tea and coffee drinking and smoking, which can gradually darken the teeth again. There is no reason, however, why the process cannot be repeated if necessary to restore them as new back. Why not ask your Houston dentist about power whitening? You will be glad you did since never before has there been such an easy way to make your smile, and hence your face, instantly more attractive!

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