Technology Imitates Nature with Teeth Veneers

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Technology Imitates Nature with Teeth Veneers

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Veneers in HoustonAlthough your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, there are things that you must do to maintain its looks and strength. That is why it is important to practice good dental habits to enjoy a natural smile for as long as possible. For those who were not born with good teeth, there are more reasons to smile because technology can now replicate what nature has blessed you with.

Houston dental veneers are made from a thin layer of shell-like material. the material is available in natural colors that match your tooth. The translucent nature of Houston dental veneers reflects light just like natural teeth. This way your new smile won’t look fake. Veneers cover the natural tooth so it can be reshaped to give you a better looking smile. Although there are other options are available, veneers are by far the easiest and fastest solution. Some dentists can even finish the procedure in two visits.

Veneers come in different materials but the most popular is porcelain because the gum tissue tolerates it better. Veneers are also stain resistant, can last for more than ten years and come in many shades of white, the reason it is used to fix discolored or stained teeth.

Veneers in Houston are also easy to care for. Since they are attached to natural tooth, there is no special dental care required. Just continue brushing, flossing and visiting your Houston dentist regularly. Although veneers are more stain resistant than natural teeth, you may want to cut back on foods such as blueberries, coffee, tea and other staining foods.

With the latest dental technology, there is no reason not to have that perfect smile. Talk to your dentist today and in no time you will be more confident in smiling again.

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