Lacerations and Cuts

Lacerations and Cuts

Cuts Inside Your Mouth

Lacerations and cuts to the inside your mouth can be very painful and may bleed profusely. They can be caused by ill-fitting dental appliances, or through trauma. It is important to decide whether or not they need attention from your dentist or doctor, and there is the risk of infection with any cuts or lacerations to the inside of the mouth.

If the wound continues to bleed after applying direct pressure for fifteen minutes, then it is best to seek professional help, Cuts that are deeper than a quarter of an inch, or which go all the way through the cheek or lip will require attention, and cuts around the area where the skin meets the lip may need looking at. A few stitches could help to prevent scarring on the lip. Wounds should generally be stitched up within the first six to eight hours, but it is still possible to close up wounds a day after the accident occurred. If it is not necessary to stitch up the wound, you might still need antibiotic ointment or antiseptic ointment to help prevent infection.


Injuries to facial bones can be much more serious and are likely to require the specialized skills of an oral maxillofacial surgeon at Midtown Dentistry. These types of injuries can occur when playing sports, or can be due to some sort of accident or trauma. Repairing the damage can involve the soft tissues as well as the facial bones, and is a process that might be ongoing. Facial injuries can include missing teeth, a loss of sensation or feeling in the face, or deformed or broken facial bones and can affect the cheeks, nose, lips, chin or jaw. If teeth have been lost then these can be permanently replaced once the injuries to the facial bones have healed.


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