Scaling & Root Planing: Eliminate Your Gum Disease

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Help Reduce Gum Disease with Scaling & Root Planing

Occasionally some people, no matter how much they brush and floss, may still need some extra help — especially if they have acute gum disease (periodontal disease).   If brushing and flossing aren’t working, they may need some scaling work and root planing.  Scaling and planing is specialty dental deep cleaning.

Because scaling and root planing are a little more intense than traditional cleaning, most patients will need an anesthetic to help reduce or eliminate discomfort during the treatment.  Then, your dentist or hygienist will use what we call a “scaler” to clean your teeth.  The scaler doesn’t scrape your teeth.  It is an ultrasonic device that washes off the tarter and plaque on your teeth and gum line.

Once your teeth have been “scaled,” your dentist will plane and smooth out the surfaces of the root so they can heal.

What to Do After Deep Cleaning

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