What is Gummy Smile Surgery?

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What is Gummy Smile Surgery?

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What is Gummy Smile Surgery?

We all  agree that gummy bears are cute, but not a gummy smile. What is a “gummy smile?”

  • When you smile, do your teeth have the appearance of being “too short?”
  • Do your gums appear ‘larger’ than other people when they smile?
  • Does your upper lip cover most of your teeth, making them hardly visible when you smile?

If you answered yes to any of these situations, chances are you have a “gummy smile.”  These are a few reasons that cause or contribute to hyperplastic, or overgrown gingiva or a “gummy smile:”

  • Medications, such as Phenytoin, Cyclosporin, Nifedipine, and many calcium channel blockers.’
  • Congenital defects, such as the upper jawbone being too large which gives the appearance of large gums or the upper lip is too mobile.
  •  Delayed passive eruption, which means the teeth did not fully erupt.
  • Orthodontic treatment which causes the gums to bunch together.
  • Poor oral hygiene.

Are you ready to do something about changing the appearance of your smile? Your Houston dentist can treat your gummy smile with a new, state of the art laser surgery. This means no cutting, no drilling with  a much quicker and virtually painless recovery, and  less “down” time  which means you can get back to smiling much quicker.  Talk to your Houston Doctor about laser surgery to change your gummy smile today!

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