The Benefits of Osseous Surgery

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The Benefits of Osseous Surgery

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How Can You Benefit from Osseous Surgery

Our teeth are held in place by gum tissue and bone. When bone and gum tissue is healthy, the tooth snugly fits. When one has periodontal disease, the bone surrounding the affected teeth gets deformed and form pockets. When left untreated, the pockets become deeper, collect bacteria within the gum tissue, and eventually cause tooth loss.

Effective Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Osseous surgery is an effective treatment for periodontal disease.  It is Also known as pocket reduction surgery or gingivectomy. The procedure is not as daunting as it sounds. But, it is a procedure that removes deformities or pockets within the alveolar bone that surround the diseased teeth.

It also removes tartar and bacteria to prevent gum disease from progressing.  A periodontist can perform this surgery.

The Procedure

Osseous surgery requires local anesthesia. When the area is numb, the area is examined for damage, and the amount of bone loss and depth of pocket are determined.

Next is pulling back the gum from the tooth and removal of the tartar.

The next step is the clean up of the area then reshaping of the tooth and re-contouring of the bone.

This procedure will eliminate the pockets or craters. Hidden or buried holes and cavities is an advanced periodontal disease where the pits, a bone graft may be necessary to fill them in. The gum is then flapped to its original position and stitched to hold in place. The dentist will remove the nylon suture in a week.

It is important to follow post-operative procedures to hasten the healing process.

What to expect from Osseous Surgery

Periodontal disease is a severe condition. You must treat periodontal disease as soon as possible if you want to preserve your natural teeth. The sooner you get treatment, the higher the chances of preventing bone and tooth loss.

Helps Minimize the Risks for Other Diseases

Aside from keeping your natural smile, a healthy mouth can help in minimizing the risks of heart and respiratory diseases. Remember that the body is made up of different but interconnected parts. When one part is not working well, it will soon affect the other organs and cause sickness or disease.

Sedation is Available

Although it is called “surgery,” there is no reason to get anxious about the procedure. You can discuss with your dentist the different types of sedation available for you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.

After the surgery, the patient must come back for follow up procedures or checkup to ensure the elimination of the periodontal disease.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Visiting your dentist regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene can help prevent or at least minimize the probability of the disease from occurring again.

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