Teeth Whitened: Before or After Dental Implants?

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White Teeth on Top of Dental Implants is a Must

A lot can be achieved through careful planning and patience, but if you intend to have a substantial amount of dental work, then it’s essential to make sure treatments are carried out in the correct sequence.

dental implants in houston This is why it is so important to choose the correct dentist to perform a smile makeover with dental implants, as they will be able to guide you through each of the necessary treatments, step by step, and will have thoroughly discussed with you beforehand precisely what can reasonably be achieved.

If the treatment is extensive, then your dentist may have referred you to a surgeon or other dental specialists who will work together as a team to make sure the best result possible is achieved. In some offices like Midtown Dentistry – there are multiple dentists, and most procedures are performed in the same place without the hassle of numerous locations.


It is almost sure that your smile makeover will include teeth whitening, as this is one of the most popular procedures to have, but it is best to carry out this treatment first of all, and before continuing with other treatments such as implant crowns and bridges, and crowns and veneers. The whitening procedure must be finished before the final restorations are constructed, even if it takes a while for your teeth to reach the desired shade. Some dentists will recommend waiting another couple of weeks or so after the whitening process is complete, to allow the color to stabilize and settle down ultimately. Since dental implants take many months to heal – it is the perfect time to start bleaching using bleaching trays – to achieve the whitest possible results before the implants are ready to get the final teeth.

“always have the teeth whitened before you get the new veneers or crowns made” – Dr. Penchas

This is sensible advice, as this will help ensure the final shade chosen for the restorations is as accurate as possible, and that all the restorations look natural, and blend in with your newly whitened teeth. Porcelain implant crowns and veneers cannot be lightened or bleached to match whitened teeth, so if you choose to have teeth whitening after having restorative work, you are likely to end up with unevenly colored teeth. This isn’t exactly a good look, and you will be faced with another bill to replace these restorations.

It is worth bearing in mind that teeth whitening should only ever be carried out on a healthy mouth, and you should always have a checkup with your dentist before undergoing any whitening treatment. Over time, your teeth will begin to revert to their natural color, so you need to be prepared to have whitening boosters occasionally to maintain their freshness.

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