What are Veneers In A Day™?

What are Veneers In A Day™?

In the average dental office, the placing of veneers from initial consultation to the teeth restoration takes about 3-weeks.
Midtown Dentistry’s new trademarked veneer process allows us to make your porcelain or ceramic dental veneers ahead of time. These same-day veneers are placed on your visit and will completely makeover your smile by fixing chipped, misaligned, and discolored teeth for you to have Veneers in a Day™.

How Does Veneers In a Day™ Work?

With Veneers In a Day™, everything is pre-planned and made by us, and the whole process is a painless two-hour visit for a full same-day veneer smile makeover.

Your Benefits with the Same Day Veneer Process

The beauty of Veneers In a Day™ are:

  1. Fewer dental office visits when compared to the standard 3-visits veneer process.
  2. You don’t have to walk around with temporary plastic veneers that break and may cause swelling and bleeding gums.

Erin’s story illustrates how we can do a smile makeover with Veneers In a Day™.

Erin had a family celebration to attend but hated her chipped and dark teeth. Erin hated going to the dentist due to her extreme dental anxiety and wanted to have her new veneers on the same day or in one visit.

Erin was a perfect fit for Veneers In a Day™ The Midtown Dentistry team took a few pictures of Erin, chose her new teeth and color with her, and then worked to design her new smile with the lab.

Once her new veneers were ready, Erin came to the office where the dentist slenderized her teeth and installed the veneer all within one hour. The veneers arrive ready-made in a cartridge to be delivered with accuracy and speed never possible before. Total time in the dentist’s chair? Less than 2 hours.


Veneers In A Day™ is the trademarked veneer technique of Dr. Penchas and the Houston Midtown Dentistry team.

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