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  • Jordan Avatar

    Loan is very good and I’ve been seeing her for... read more

    Jordan 7/22/2021
    Monica Avatar

    This is my favorite dentist office I've ever been to.... read more

    Monica 7/13/2021
    Maeve Avatar

    I am so happy with my visit today to get... read more

    Maeve 7/01/2021
    Sara Avatar

    5 star rating Loan Pham was my dental hygienist and I'm pleased to... read more

    Sara 7/01/2021
    Deborah Avatar

    5 star rating Today I had best cleaning since practice was owned by... read more

    Deborah 5/28/2021
    Marie Avatar

    5 star rating I have NEVER had such a wonderful experience at the... read more

    Marie 5/26/2021
    Derick Avatar

    From the moment I walk in the door there are... read more

    Derick 5/25/2021
    Hillary Avatar

    Being new to Houston I did my research and carefully... read more

    Hillary 5/25/2021
  • Dena Avatar

    I had a maintenance visit today. Everyone at this office... read more

    Dena 5/19/2021
    Oleg Avatar

    I’ve been with Midtown Dentistry since 2015 and always have... read more

    Oleg 5/18/2021
    Lizet Avatar

    5 star rating I have been going to this dentist office in the... read more

    Lizet 5/18/2021
    Antonio Avatar

    I would give more than 5 stars if I could!... read more

    Antonio 5/17/2021
    Michael Avatar

    I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with... read more

    Michael 5/11/2021
    KhaDijah Avatar

    My Midtown dentistry appointment was a fantastic experience 05/06/2021! The... read more

    KhaDijah 5/08/2021
    Olivia Avatar

    I have very sensitive teeth and have always had a... read more

    Olivia 5/04/2021
    Jennifer Avatar

    The service here is amazing. The second you walk... read more

    Jennifer 4/30/2021
  • Riya Avatar

    We had a great experience at this clinic. The staff... read more

    Riya 4/29/2021
    Paola Avatar

    I went to see Dr. Max a while back and... read more

    Paola 4/29/2021
    Elias Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry has been my go-to dentist for over a... read more

    Elias 4/28/2021
    Scott Avatar

    This place is awesome. Friendly people who take great care... read more

    Scott 4/22/2021
    Gisela Avatar

    The staff and the dentist are very wonderful and sweet.... read more

    Gisela 4/15/2021
    Kimberly Avatar

    Dr. Truong did an amazing job on my teeth! They... read more

    Kimberly 4/14/2021
    Lisa Avatar

    I had an excellent day at Midtown Dentistry today. Erin... read more

    Lisa 4/05/2021
    Lisa Avatar

    I had an excellent day at Midtown Dentistry today. Erin... read more

    Lisa 4/05/2021
  • Kathryn Avatar

    I have been going to Midtown Dentistry Pearland for about... read more

    Kathryn 3/26/2021
    Desiree Avatar

    The girls from Midtown Dentistry are absolutely amazing! So kind,... read more

    Desiree 3/18/2021
    Daniel Avatar

    Wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Milman, Loan,... read more

    Daniel 3/17/2021
    Shelby Avatar

    I love this dentistry and am so happy I’ve found... read more

    Shelby 3/04/2021
    Dens Avatar

    5 star rating This office is amazing! The staff is professional and knowledgeable,... read more

    Dens 3/03/2021
    John Avatar

    I have been going to Midtown Dentistry for years. My... read more

    John 3/01/2021
    Brian Avatar

    Great place to get the chompers cleaned up. Staff... read more

    Brian 2/28/2021
    Mrs. Avatar

    I have had the pleasure of being seen by Dr.... read more

    Mrs. 2/26/2021
  • daniel Avatar

    They run a smooth office. They got me into the... read more

    daniel 2/26/2021
    Joel Avatar

    Been going here for years and the service and care... read more

    Joel 2/25/2021
    Justin Avatar

    The best experience you can have at a dentist's office.... read more

    Justin 2/25/2021
    Cooking Avatar

    The atmosphere and energy created by the staff here is... read more

    Cooking 2/25/2021
    Rudy Avatar

    Great experience! They made me feel comfortable and thoroughly explained... read more

    Rudy 2/24/2021
    Taylor Avatar

    Everyone here is kind, friendly, and patient. The visits are... read more

    Taylor 2/10/2021
    Eileen Avatar

    Anna, my dental hygienist, was wonderful. I highly recommend... read more

    Eileen 2/04/2021
    Noah Avatar

    Always an amazing dental experience at this location of Midtown... read more

    Noah 2/04/2021
  • Cynthia Avatar

    Always a great experience. Very clean, the staff is welcoming... read more

    Cynthia 2/03/2021
    John Avatar

    A quick shout out to the people at Midtown Dentistry.... read more

    John 2/03/2021
    Blake Avatar

    This place is a wonderful choice in making a decision... read more

    Blake 2/03/2021
    Boyce Avatar

    Great experience they know what they are doing and make... read more

    Boyce 2/01/2021
    Alyssa Avatar

    Best dentistry around ! The team is so professional! they... read more

    Alyssa 1/28/2021
    Aurelio Avatar

    I had a great time with Ana and Dr Max.... read more

    Aurelio 1/25/2021
    Benny Avatar

    I haven’t been to the dentist in 7 years and... read more

    Benny 1/12/2021
    Kathy Avatar

    This is the best dental practice I have ever been... read more

    Kathy 1/08/2021
  • Mary Avatar

    Yesterday i had an amazing experience at Midtown Dentistry /Westheimer... read more

    Mary 1/01/2021
    Marlene Avatar

    5 star rating Have been going to this location for 6 years and... read more

    Marlene 12/29/2020
    David Avatar

    First appointment. Serious issues. Allowed me to come in for... read more

    David 12/22/2020
    Melanie Avatar

    Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Ana is great!... read more

    Melanie 12/18/2020
    mariah Avatar

    I visited Midtown Dentistry today due to pain and a... read more

    mariah 12/17/2020
    Kristine Avatar

    I've been a customer for years now and I love... read more

    Kristine 12/08/2020
    CLassy Avatar

    The entire staff is very friendly and professional. It is... read more

    CLassy 12/07/2020
    Annie Avatar

    They are very warm, welcoming and caring. They do excellent... read more

    Annie 11/25/2020
  • Angela Avatar

    I had been putting off returning to the dentist because... read more

    Angela 11/24/2020
    JR Avatar

    I cannot say enough great things about this place and... read more

    JR 11/20/2020
    Natasha Avatar

    5 star rating I will continue to visit the I-10 & Wirt Rd... read more

    Natasha 11/14/2020
    Franco Avatar

    Always fast and friendly - knowledgeable and kind doctor -... read more

    Franco 11/10/2020
    Brianna Avatar

    Absolutely incredible experience!

    If you’re anything like me, dentist visits are...
    read more

    Brianna 11/06/2020
    Kiridis Avatar

    Everyone was really nice! I was a new patient and... read more

    Kiridis 10/30/2020
    Anthony Avatar

    Lets just say, prior to my very first appt a... read more

    Anthony 10/26/2020
    Sara Avatar

    This is a cute Old house-turned-dentist-office in the heart of... read more

    Sara 10/13/2020
  • Lourdes Avatar

    My experience with Dr. Gomes has been Superb! He has... read more

    Lourdes 10/13/2020
    Tom Avatar

    My mother has severe dementia, and I discovered that she... read more

    Tom 10/07/2020
    Kathy Avatar

    This is a great place. I have been coming... read more

    Kathy 10/01/2020
    Natalie Avatar

    Ashley the dental assistant was so prepared and amazing. She... read more

    Natalie 10/01/2020
    Anna Avatar

    I was very impressed by the way the staff handled... read more

    Anna 9/30/2020
    Randall Avatar

    The staff is incredible. As for as Dr. Penchus... read more

    Randall 9/30/2020
    Zach Avatar

    Great experience as always! Staff is patient and attentive. My... read more

    Zach 9/24/2020
    Judson Avatar

    Absolutely love Midtown Dentistry. I had major implant work... read more

    Judson 9/21/2020
  • Sandra Avatar

    This has been hands down best dentist I have been... read more

    Sandra 9/19/2020
    Shawn Avatar

    I've always had a good experience with this dentist. They... read more

    Shawn 9/16/2020
    Jeff Avatar

    Super professional. Dr. Penchas has the highest of standards... read more

    Jeff 9/16/2020
    Marlene Avatar

    All the doctors and dental assistants have always taken great... read more

    Marlene 9/15/2020
    Dustin Avatar

    Overall good experience. My only comment is that they do... read more

    Dustin 9/15/2020
    Sophie Avatar

    I've been to the Summerwood location for cleaning & dental... read more

    Sophie 9/15/2020
    Michelle Avatar

    All of the staff at Midtown Dentistry are very polite,... read more

    Michelle 9/15/2020

    Wonderful staff. Very warm and professional. Made me feel extremely... read more

    MYNOVANGELIS 9/13/2020
  • Larissa Avatar

    Very professional, very clean, prompt service. I usually get migraines... read more

    Larissa 9/10/2020
    Tara Avatar

    I would absolutely recommend Midtown Dentistry located downtown in the... read more

    Tara 9/09/2020
    Mark Avatar

    Staff is very friendly and kind here! One of the... read more

    Mark 9/04/2020
    Diana Avatar

    My husband was having very bad tooth pain and my... read more

    Diana 9/03/2020
    Bernave Avatar

    Very friendly staff and they were able to work with... read more

    Bernave 9/03/2020
    George Avatar

    A very professional and friendly office. Dr. Truong is very... read more

    George 9/03/2020
    Maritza Avatar

    Had a fantastic visit with Dr. Max! Very kind and... read more

    Maritza 8/28/2020
    David Avatar

    So I haven’t been to the dentist in a very... read more

    David 8/22/2020
  • Klara Avatar

    The staff at Midtown Dentistry in the downtown tunnels are... read more

    Klara 8/20/2020
    Kenny Avatar

    Great experience, staff is friendly and worked quickly. Already had... read more

    Kenny 8/20/2020
    Barbara Avatar

    I really don't enjoy going to the dentist usually because... read more

    Barbara 8/19/2020
    Becky Avatar

    First time in the office, and I'm impressed. Staff... read more

    Becky 8/18/2020
    Blakely Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is by far the best dentist I have... read more

    Blakely 8/17/2020
    Jessica Avatar

    Very pleased and impressed with my daughter's first visit here.... read more

    Jessica 8/14/2020
    Maina Avatar

    5 star rating I am a lifelong patient of Midtown Dentistry.
    Dr. Penchas, Loan,...
    read more

    Maina 8/13/2020
    Amanda Avatar

    You will feel like you’re in great hands at this... read more

    Amanda 8/12/2020
  • Chance Avatar

    My regular dentist for over a year now. Never have... read more

    Chance 8/04/2020
    Jeannie Avatar

    Very friendly office staff. Was willing to fit me in... read more

    Jeannie 7/29/2020
    Jisell Avatar

    I am so happy that I change to this dentist,... read more

    Jisell 7/27/2020
    Khanh Avatar

    This dentist office deserves more than five stars! I’m a... read more

    Khanh 7/18/2020
    LaTaye Avatar

    I love love love this place. The people are so... read more

    LaTaye 7/16/2020
    Nikki Avatar

    The cleaners, receptionists, and dentists are all so kind and... read more

    Nikki 7/02/2020
    Kenny Avatar

    Clinic took extra precautions to protect patients while in the... read more

    Kenny 6/30/2020
    Huguette Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry in Summerwood has the best staff who are... read more

    Huguette 6/29/2020
  • Diem Avatar

    My wife and mother in law raved about this place... read more

    Diem 6/28/2020
    Laurie Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is rate #1 in Houston for a reason...because... read more

    Laurie 6/26/2020
    Diana Avatar

    I’m extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr Truong... read more

    Diana 6/19/2020
    Diana Avatar

    5 star rating I'm extremely pleased with the service I received. Dr Truong... read more

    Diana 6/19/2020
    Kristina Avatar

    Consistently from 2011 to 2020, the patient experience has exceeded... read more

    Kristina 6/16/2020
    Cort Avatar

    I can’t recommend Midtown Dentistry enough! I’m new to Houston... read more

    Cort 6/12/2020
    Randall Avatar

    I have been going to Midtown Dentistry for 18 years.... read more

    Randall 6/09/2020
    Kathleen Avatar

    5 star rating My experience at the dental office prior to coming to... read more

    Kathleen 6/09/2020
  • stephen Avatar

    My wife, four children, and I have been coming to... read more

    stephen 6/08/2020
    Toni Avatar

    5 star rating Great dentists with excellent staff. There knowledge, compassion and kindness... read more

    Toni 6/08/2020
    C Avatar

    Hands down the BEST dental office I have ever been... read more

    C 6/05/2020
    Weston Avatar

    4 star rating Thank you Loan and Dr. Penchas for providing an excellent... read more

    Weston 6/04/2020
    Chris Avatar

    The Hygienist was great , I had better results for... read more

    Chris 5/27/2020
    DeKeena Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry has the best staff! From the moment you... read more

    DeKeena 5/23/2020
    Marydell Avatar

    5 star rating Had a great experience!my tooth was hurting and doctor Andrew... read more

    Marydell 5/13/2020
    Sunny Avatar

    I have anxiety in general but I have an even... read more

    Sunny 3/18/2020
  • S Avatar

    5 star rating I have anxiety in general but I have an even... read more

    S 3/18/2020
    O Avatar

    5 star rating The staff at the Wirt location is extremely friendly and... read more

    O 3/11/2020
    Liz Avatar

    5 star rating The entire staff is so courteous, welcoming and professional, Thank... read more

    Liz 3/06/2020
    Paula Avatar

    I am the biggest baby when it comes to dentist.... read more

    Paula 3/05/2020
    Dominique Avatar

    I visited the office today and received excellent service from... read more

    Dominique 2/25/2020
    Elda Avatar

    I came to Midtown Dentistry initially because it was a... read more

    Elda 2/25/2020
    Tanya Avatar

    Can't express in words my feelings for this wonderful dentistry... read more

    Tanya 2/19/2020
    Lizet Avatar

    I've been a patient of this dental office for over... read more

    Lizet 2/14/2020
  • Carla Avatar

    5 star rating Amazingly competent and friendly. Really family oriented. Dr. Troung... read more

    Carla 2/14/2020
    Kyndra Avatar

    I cannot express the true appreciation for Dr.Gomes and the... read more

    Kyndra 1/31/2020
    Kelbie Avatar

    my hygienist Loan was the absolute best! she was super... read more

    Kelbie 1/23/2020
    Maggie Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Pirzadeh and his assistant, Mark, are awesome and I... read more

    Maggie 1/21/2020
    Ashley Avatar

    Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location is awesome. They are... read more

    Ashley 1/19/2020
    Ashley Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Pirzadeh at the Pearland location was the best. He... read more

    Ashley 1/19/2020
    Melissa Avatar

    We have been going to Midtown Dentistry since they opened... read more

    Melissa 1/18/2020
    Meredith Avatar

    I’m a frequent flyer at the dentist and the dental... read more

    Meredith 1/14/2020
  • Ivan Avatar

    Mark Anthony did a great job with my ZOOM whitening... read more

    Ivan 1/13/2020
    Hanh Avatar

    Even though I hate going to the dentist, this place... read more

    Hanh 12/31/2019
    Rich Avatar

    5 star rating All the staff at the Westhheimer location were above and... read more

    Rich 12/19/2019
    Cameron Avatar

    They have great services and have been cleaning my teeth... read more

    Cameron 12/18/2019
    Irvin Avatar

    Went in for a scheduled cleaning service was great SAIRA... read more

    Irvin 12/12/2019
    Jay Avatar

    5 star rating Previously this dental practice was owned by a long time... read more

    Jay 12/12/2019
    Christina Avatar

    The best dentist office I’ve ever visited. The best cleanings,... read more

    Christina 12/06/2019
    Fletcher Avatar

    I've been coming here for the past 7 years. Would... read more

    Fletcher 12/04/2019
  • Brittany Avatar

    Dr Patel, Ronnica, Stacey, Jennifer and the entire team we’re... read more

    Brittany 11/29/2019
    Patricia Avatar

    positive review  This is amazing staff, & Dr Phan and her team... read more

    Patricia 11/21/2019
    Debra Avatar

    My 88-year old mother and myself are new patients of... read more

    Debra 11/15/2019
    D Avatar

    5 star rating So glad to be a new patient of record with... read more

    D 11/15/2019
    DANIELA Avatar

    Very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I... read more

    DANIELA 11/08/2019
    Megan Avatar

    Everyone is so kind and caring at Midtown Dentistry! Dr.... read more

    Megan 11/06/2019
    Luke Avatar

    I had an amazing experience getting a new night guard... read more

    Luke 11/01/2019
    Every Avatar

    Summerwood location is awesome. Love entire staff! Dr Truong is... read more

    Every 10/30/2019
  • Michael Avatar

    I've been going to Midtown Dentistry for 15 years. And... read more

    Michael 10/30/2019
    La Avatar

    As always, the personnel is friendly and very receptive when... read more

    La 10/28/2019
    Alicia Avatar

    positive review  Went to Dr Phan at Midtown Dentistry for a crown.... read more

    Alicia 10/27/2019
    Veronica Avatar

    I recently had a new crown put in and was... read more

    Veronica 10/26/2019
    Carlos Avatar

    I've been coming to Midtown for a year now and... read more

    Carlos 10/26/2019
    Tony Avatar

    Dr. Phan, Regina, and Allison are awesome. Dr. Phan is... read more

    Tony 10/25/2019
    Mackenzie Avatar

    Amazing customer service! They fit me in last minute and... read more

    Mackenzie 10/25/2019
    Gabrielle Avatar

    The nicest people. Love the staff. Saira is always so... read more

    Gabrielle 10/25/2019
  • Victoria Avatar

    I know I can be a difficult patient at times,... read more

    Victoria 10/25/2019
    Erica Avatar

    Office staff is amazing we love Regina, and how well... read more

    Erica 10/25/2019
    Ashley Avatar

    This is the best dentist's office I've ever been to.... read more

    Ashley 10/24/2019
    Brandi Avatar

    At Midtown Dentistry -everyone is top notch friendly, skilled... read more

    Brandi 10/24/2019
    Gina Avatar

    Always a great experience to see Loan. We have been... read more

    Gina 10/24/2019
    Fiona Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received... read more

    Fiona 10/22/2019
    Amanda Avatar

    Definitely recommend this office! Very professional, polite and they work... read more

    Amanda 10/21/2019
    Omar Avatar

    I’ve always had a great experience at Midtown Dentistry. Regina... read more

    Omar 10/21/2019
  • Jen Avatar

    Loan is the best hygienist. I drive all the way... read more

    Jen 10/20/2019
    Caitlin Avatar

    I’ve been going to Midtown Dentistry for a couple of... read more

    Caitlin 10/19/2019
    Luiza Avatar

    I had a fantastic experience at the downtown location. ... read more

    Luiza 10/18/2019
    Lee Avatar

    2 days post op on tooth extraction and I am... read more

    Lee 10/18/2019
    Tirsa Avatar

    I hadn’t been able to get to the dentist in... read more

    Tirsa 10/18/2019
    Ann Avatar

    I recently moved to the area and could not be... read more

    Ann 10/18/2019
    Aracely Avatar

    5 star rating My experience with Dr. Gomes and Mark Anthony at Midtown... read more

    Aracely 10/18/2019
    Daphne Avatar

    Anna is a great hygienist. I have been working with... read more

    Daphne 10/17/2019
  • Sophia Avatar

    Anna and Dr. Truong were very informative and personable. Anna... read more

    Sophia 10/17/2019
    Serjio Avatar

    5 star rating What an awesome first experience I had here at this... read more

    Serjio 10/16/2019
    Neil Avatar

    Dr. Nirjal Patel is exceptionally personal and friendly, taking his... read more

    Neil 10/14/2019
    Avid Avatar

    This is the best dental experience I had. I felt... read more

    Avid 10/14/2019
    Carol Avatar

    I cant say enough great things about my wonderful experience... read more

    Carol 10/14/2019
    Missy Avatar

    I love this office! I work in the dental field... read more

    Missy 10/12/2019
    Chuck Avatar

    My experience with Mid town was super! Marco is my... read more

    Chuck 10/10/2019
    Montana Avatar

    I honestly can't say enough good things about Dr. Patel... read more

    Montana 9/26/2019
  • Nathaniel Avatar

    I've seen so many dentists and for the first time... read more

    Nathaniel 9/17/2019
    Ann-Marie Avatar

    If you’re in need of a gentle dentist who truly... read more

    Ann-Marie 9/12/2019
    Suzanne Avatar

    5 star rating I had not been to the dentist in a couple... read more

    Suzanne 9/12/2019
    Leticia Avatar

    They are all about patient experience and told me what... read more

    Leticia 9/11/2019
    Amy Avatar

    The entire staff was incredibly friendly. From the receptionist when... read more

    Amy 9/07/2019
    Linda Avatar

    5 star rating I love this office! I have been a patient of... read more

    Linda 9/05/2019
    Ashley Avatar

    I felt welcome the second I walked in the door.... read more

    Ashley 8/27/2019
    Rachel Avatar

    5 star rating I've seen Dr. Penchas before and saw Dr. Patel last... read more

    Rachel 8/26/2019
  • Sara Avatar

    Everyone was so nice and friendly. I get nervous before... read more

    Sara 8/23/2019
    ATH Avatar

    This is the best experience I have ever had at... read more

    ATH 8/22/2019
    Linda Avatar

    No judgement! I have a terrible fear of dentists... read more

    Linda 8/15/2019
    Garrett Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is the best health care experience that I... read more

    Garrett 8/14/2019
    Kesha Avatar

    Our experience was awesome. From the time we walked in,... read more

    Kesha 8/08/2019
    Fiona Avatar

    5 star rating This is by far the best dental care I've received... read more

    Fiona 8/08/2019
    Boussamba Avatar

    5 star rating I had a really good experience at that location. The... read more

    Boussamba 7/29/2019
    Bernard Avatar

    5 star rating I love the people here. The service was great! It's... read more

    Bernard 7/25/2019
  • cynthia Avatar

    Dr.Phan was great. She made me feel comfortable through the... read more

    cynthia 7/20/2019
    Anthony Avatar

    5 star rating Midtown Dentistry surpassed all my expectations. I am someone who... read more

    Anthony 7/17/2019
    Connie Avatar

    Dr. Kimberly Troung is a caring professional Dentist. The staff... read more

    Connie 7/14/2019
    Molly Avatar

    5 star rating I've been to a lot of hygienist in my life... read more

    Molly 7/04/2019
    Jodi Avatar

    I can't say enough good things about the staff! From... read more

    Jodi 7/01/2019
    Christopher Avatar

    This is the best dental office in all of Houston,... read more

    Christopher 6/19/2019
    Rose Avatar

    5 star rating Friendly staff, easy to schedule, office is clean. The dentist... read more

    Rose 6/14/2019
    James Avatar

    I've had my entire mouth deep cleaned and can't say... read more

    James 6/11/2019
  • Dwayne Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent staff and always helpful abs friendly. Dr Lin was... read more

    Dwayne 5/30/2019
    Alyssa Avatar

    Midtown Dentistry is fantastic. The downtown location is convenient and... read more

    Alyssa 5/29/2019
    Susan Avatar

    5 star rating Dr. Penchas is simply the best dentist in Houston! I've... read more

    Susan 5/29/2019
    Lois Avatar

    Great dentists and upbeat, competent and pleasant... read more

    Lois 5/24/2019
    Ariadna Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time...
    read more

    Ariadna 5/23/2019
    Ariadna Avatar

    Dr. Penchas and his team are outstanding.
    From the time...
    read more

    Ariadna 5/23/2019
    Beata Avatar

    5 star rating This is the best dental practice in the area. Everyone... read more

    Beata 5/23/2019
    Dayshayia Avatar

    The best experience I've ever had at a dentist! I'm... read more

    Dayshayia 5/16/2019
  • Mary Avatar

    I've been coming to the Westheimer office of Midtown Dentistry... read more

    Mary 5/16/2019
    Brandon Avatar

    The office staff here is amazing. Very friendly and... read more

    Brandon 5/16/2019
    David Avatar

    positive review  I'm in Houston from Charlotte on a work trip and... read more

    David 5/15/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    positive review  I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Maggie Avatar

    5 star rating I recently cracked my plastic retainer and had to come... read more

    Maggie 5/09/2019
    Beatris Avatar


    Beatris 5/08/2019
    Dr. Avatar

    The Midtown Dentistry is the best place in Downtown to... read more

    Dr. 5/02/2019
  • Kim Avatar

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    Friendly staff / Great Service / Great Hygienic

    I had...
    read more

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    Nader Avatar

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    Magan 5/24/2017
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    Scott 4/12/2017
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    Melanie 1/01/2017
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    John 12/30/2016
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    Melissa Avatar

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