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Midtown Dentistry’s Guarantee to you: You will never be surprised by your bill as our financial and patient coordinators will work with you every step in the way as you get that new smile.

Most dental implants are covered by insurance
If You Have dental insurance, we’re here to help you make the most of it. While benefit plans rarely cover all treatment expenses, we’ll help you get as much coverage as possible by assisting with insurance processing. We also over flexible payment plans for any additional expenses.
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ProceedFinancing Attractive extended repayment terms put affordable payments in reach. Get pre-qualified without impacting your credit score.

We accept all major credit cards

2-visit smile makeovers for under $260 a month
Do you need a quick smile makeover - in many instances we can provide you with a new smile in 2-visits using one the many dental veneers options. Contact us for a free consultation today.
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Tee OhGee Avatar
Where have they been my whole life!??? I have had a LOT of work done through the years. Some places have been better than others but if I would have found this place a long time ago, I would have been much happier!
Yesterday (2/20/24) was my first and not last visit. I walked in and happiness was in the air! The place smelled so good and calming. It was clean, decorated nicely with vibrant colors and a coffee & water corner for use.
I read the sign that said "we'll be with you in a moment" and I had a seat. Not 2 minutes later, here comes Ken!
Ken is a whole bubble of joy! His vibe is so positive and calming. He took me back, did my x-rays and cleaning. He was gentle and explained every move he made. His conversation was genuine and appreciated because it took my mind off of being anxious.
After he was done, Dr. Andrew Gomes came to take a look and explained everything in great detail, where I actually understood what he was talking about!
In the end, I booked my next appointment with the front office manager and even she was warm and inviting. As a whole, customer service was top tier and everyone genuinely seems like they liked their job.
I will highly recommend them to any and everyone because finding a good dental office where you're actually comfortable is really hard to find!
And to top it off, their prices are very fair.
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Tee 2/21/2024
Joe Chavarria Avatar
The staff at the front were super helpful, and were very accommodating. I do not personally have a fear of dentists, but I can see how they would put someone at ease who does have that fear. I spoke to Cynthia today about the varied options available for the work that I need. She was thorough, supremely understanding of my limitations, and more than willing to work with me in whatever capacity I decided on. This place is definitely top notch.
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Joe 2/21/2024
Gabriella Mpagi Avatar
Attentive staff, cozy facilities, knowledgeable dentists! I tried Midtown Dentistry out because my boyfriend continuously raved about their services and they did not disappoint. Dr. Tran is a gem. Would recommend to friends and family!
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Gabriella 2/14/2024
Valerie Valdez Avatar
I was so nervous to change dentist, but I had a fantastic experience at the Pearland location. Thank you for making my first experience amazing!
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Valerie 2/09/2024

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