6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

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6 Ways to Prevent Cavities

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Cavity Prevention

Cavities are also called tooth decay or caries. They start as tiny holes or opening in the teeth. When you snack frequently, has high-sugary diet and not fond of cleaning your teeth with regular brushing and flossing, you are sure to develop cavities. As your bad oral habits persist, the larger these holes become. When left untreated, cavities can lead to tooth loss.

Diet is an important factor in preserving your teeth. A diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar tend to produce thicker saliva which in turn produces acids that can cause cavities. Whereas when saliva is thinner, food tends to break down easily and faster and therefore produce less acid-producing bacteria. The longer these acid-producing bacteria stay in the mouth, the higher the chances of developing cavities.

Another big factor in preventing cavities is oral hygiene. Forming good oral habits as early as possible can make a big difference in preventing not only cavities but other gum diseases as well. Parents must make it a point to clean their baby’s mouth as soon as teeth emerge. When your kids are already two years old, you can start teaching them how to brush their teeth. Make sure that you clean up what they missed until such time that they can clean their gums and teeth well enough on their own.

Regular visits to the dentist are also important in keeping a healthy mouth. At the first sign of tooth or gum disease, the dentist can recommend treatments right away.

Good oral habits need not be complicated. The following are simple and easy steps to a healthier mouth and radiant smile:

  • Every time you snack, the more you expose your teeth to acid-producing bacteria that cause tooth decay so limit snacking to once a day.
  • If you can’t help snacking, choose nutritious items like fruits and vegetables (carrots, celery and other healthy treats) instead of sweet and sticky food.
  • Brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash regularly.
  • Visit the dentist at least every six months.
  • Limit drinking sugary juices. Go for natural alternatives instead like organic juices or water.
  • Avoid smoking and other unhealthy habits.



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