Overcomeing the Anxiety of Tooth Extraction

Houston, Texas

A visit to the dentist, no matter how old we are, cause the hair on the back of the neck to stand. Why is it so? We always imagine that a visit is going to be painful, and the dentist is probably going to put massive injections in our teeth, and it’ll hurt. The truth is, our mouth is a sensitive place, and we don’t want any drilling machines inside it. And when we think about tooth extraction, it just makes the whole ordeal worse than ever. However, the anxiety of tooth extraction is something we should get over because the entire process has become quite painless or as painless as it can get. You don’t feel much pain!

A Routine Procedure

If you don’t want just one tooth causing problems for all the other ones, you need to get it removed as soon as possible. There could be many reasons. Perhaps all that decaying is causing a foul smell, or maybe it is ruining the stature and denture of your entire set of teeth. In other words, you need to have it removed for one reason or the other.


But what you don’t know is that it is a routine procedure, and there is no need to worry if an expert does. Your dentist has usually performed this a hundred times before and knows how to make the procedure as painless and quick as he can.

Understand How Simple It Is

First, an X-ray is taken of your tooth to understand the location and the issues with the tooth. If it is simple tooth extraction, then local anesthesia would be used. If it is a more complicated procedure, then there is the possibility of added medications taken orally. Once the anesthesia administrated, you are now ready for tooth extraction.


Fibers hold your tooth in place. You will receive medications to overcome the pain you’ll feel once the effect of anesthesia goes away.

As you can see, there is no need to be anxious. It is a single visit in which you are just getting rid of a problem with as little pain as possible.


Gone are the days where scary procedures existed; this is the twenty-first century for heaven’s sake! We can help you get over your anxiety and tell you the truth.

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Dr. Jonathan Penchas

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