Silver Fillings Are OUT – Tooth Colored Filling Are IN

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In the past, amalgam fillings used to be standard for filling larger cavities in back teeth as the material is hardwearing and cost effective. But these fillings never looked very pretty and over the years more and more people have become concerned about the mercury content of amalgam. While studies have deemed amalgam to be perfectly safe for use, most of us would probably prefer not to have in our mouth when it can easily be avoided.

Enjoy Nearly Invisible Fillings That Look Beautiful

We are so lucky to live in an age where technology is sufficiently advanced and so there is no need for dentists in Houston to use amalgam fillings anymore. Here at Midtown Dentistry, we use the very latest composite resins that comes a huge range of shades and translucencies, enabling our talented cosmetic dentists to accurately match the color of your new restoration to your teeth. Often we will use a combination of shades just to be precise! These fillings look wonderful so you can wave goodbye to dark areas in your mouth where old amalgams used to be and instead can enjoy having teeth that look naturally complete. Your new filling will be nearly impossible to see.

More Compatible with Your Own Teeth

While tooth colored composite resin fillings look beautiful, they are also healthier for your teeth. This is because of the way this type of filling closely mimics the natural tooth structure. The composite resin filling material bonds very strongly to the tooth and creates a restoration that seals out bacteria, preventing further damage to your teeth in the future. This material is a far safer for teeth as unlike silver colored amalgam fillings, it doesn’t expand and contract whenever it comes into contact with something hot or cold. The constant expansion and contraction of amalgam fillings is a problem for teeth as they are not designed to flex in this way and over time this movement creates micro fractures in the teeth which has the effect of weakening the overall structure. You’ll also find dentists much prefer composite resin fillings as they only need to remove a minimal amount of tooth structure, leaving more of the healthy tooth intact.
It’s true that you will need to pay a little bit more for composite resin fillings compared to amalgam fillings but when you consider the advantages then this is well worth it. In addition, these types of fillings do take a greater amount of technique for dentists to accurately place. If you do have older style amalgams still in place, then you don’t need to necessarily have them replaced straightaway but do bear in mind that no filling will last forever.
When you visit Midtown Dentistry, we will be keeping a close eye on the condition of all your fillings, amalgam and composite, and we can avoid you when it’s time to replace them. We take every precaution when removing amalgam fillings to ensure our patients are safe from any exposure to mercury and that old amalgam is disposed of correctly.

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