Front Tooth Replacement Options

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Front Tooth Replacement Options

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The most obvious would be having a gap or space. Every time you smile, this is the first thing that gets noticed. After a few months, even years, teeth begin to move towards the space that was once occupied by a tooth. Therefore, more spaces appear in between other teeth.
Aside from adjacent teeth moving, the antagonist (teeth at the opposing arch will also) move toward the opposite space and occupy it. Thus, alignment of the opposite arch deviates causing malocclusion.

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Bone also decreases in height once teeth have been extracted. This is very prominent when more than one tooth has been extracted. Once significant amount of bone has been loss, there would be a decrease in facial support and lip support. The lips are retruded making the patient appear older.
In addition to these mentioned, extracted or missing teeth can also lead to psychological problems. The patient is now more self-conscious to smile because of the gap and spaces. This affects their confidence and self-esteem.

Restoring and replacing front teeth would be help in terms of esthetic, function, and your physique.
Lucky for us, Midtown Dentistry has several front tooth replacement options. These options have all been studied and proven effective.

1. Implantsmd-implant
Implants are the ideal treatment option for front tooth replacement. The best part of implant treatment would be preserving bone which is needed to enhance appearance. Implants can replace a single or multiple teeth. The more teeth to be replaced, more implants are needed.
A titanium post is surgically placed into sound and healthy bone. When bone and the implant are stable, a prosthesis – either a crown or bridge (for multiple missing teeth) could be placed.
Implant procedures require understanding anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Furthermore, patients must maintain good oral hygiene, have sound and adequate amount of bone where implants are to be placed, and medically healthy.
2. Fixed partial denturesmd-veneer
For patients who are contraindicated or scared of implant surgery, fixed partial dentures are the best alternative. It is a fixed dental prosthesis.
This procedure would require reducing both adjacent tooth in order to accommodate the dentures that will anchor the pontic (artificial tooth to replace the extracted tooth). Bridges are
ideal for short span edentulous spaces – one tooth missing. A longer edentulous space would
mean reducing more teeth.
It is important that abutment teeth are stable and have no gum or bone disease. The patient
must have good oral health and are committed to proper maintenance.
3. Removable partial denturesmd-smile
The last option for front tooth replacement would be removable partial dentures. As the name
implies, it can be removed at night. The best thing about this option is minimal to no tooth
reduction is required.
It is recommended for patients with multiple missing teeth, gum and bone disease, and
compromised oral health.
All three options are used for front tooth replacement. But for minimal spaces that resulted from tooth
movement the best way is to place tooth colored fillings to close the space.

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