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Thousands of teeth are knocked out each year. There are many reasons for so many teeth being knocked. A couple of the most common reasons are a fight and sports injuries. These knocked out teeth can often be re-implanted under certain conditions. If the tooth can be replanted within minutes after the accident, there is a higher chance the tooth will be retained for a lifetime.

If the tooth has fallen out of the mouth immediately pick up the tooth by the large tooth part not the tip of the tooth’s root. If the tooth fell to the floor or another surface, gently rinse it with milk or water. Do not store the tooth in water.

If a baby tooth or primary tooth is knocked out, you should not try to replant it. If a baby tooth is replanted, it could cause damage to the permanent tooth and the forming gums. Parents should NOT try to place the baby tooth back into the socket, and should immediately seek the advice and treatment of their dentist.

Recent studies show that the critical time range for re-implantation of the tooth is five minutes to an hour. The success rate drops dramatically if the one-hour time limit is exceeded.

If the injury shows signs of unconsciousness, persistent headaches, or any other medical concerns, medical attention should first be sought. Once any medical problem is cleared precede to the dentist for the tooth to be replaced. If the patient is unconscious, do not attempt to reimplant the tooth.

Preventing a tooth from being knocked out

Almost every athlete should use a customized mouth guard to help protect their teeth as well as other serious injuries that could happen. Mouthguards can be purchased from your dentist as well as a local store. There are differences in these mouth guards.

The mouth guard that can be purchased at the store is a one size fits all. However, your mouth is as unique as your fingerprint so the guard purchased at a store will not fit as high as a customized one. Since it doesn’t fit as well, your teeth aren’t as likely to be protected well enough.

A custom mouthguard, on the other hand, is customized to fit your mouth. After a mold of your mouth is taken, the images are sent to a lab that fabricates your mouth guard taking every detail into account, ensuring that the mouth guard fits securely in your mouth. If you play any sports, it is best to talk to us to determine if you should be wearing a mouth guard to protect your mouth and face today!

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