Should You Replace Your Missing Teeth?

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Houston, Texas

Three Reasons to Replace Your Missing Tooth

The three main reasons:

      1. Missing teeth are aesthetically unappealing to talk and engage with others while missing a tooth. It can bring down the self-confidence in someone. Causing you more problems with trying to get a new job, finding that special someone, or merely being able to take photos at a special event. Many patients have said they’ve missed out on important dates, occurrences, or changes due to the embarrassment of missing a tooth.
      2. You could potentially affect your other teeth, and they’re functioning. Your teeth have a specific purpose; you need to eat and communicate. If one or more teeth are missing, it could affect your ability to perform those functions. Which just like the reason mentioned above, it can also have a dramatic impact on your confidence.
      3. Missing teeth can contribute to misaligned upper and lower teeth – malocclusion. Your teeth surrounding the missing tooth will tend to shift towards each other to fill in the gap and causing more problems down the road.

      Three Treatments to fill the Gaps from Missing Teeth

      The three treatments to replacing a missing tooth:

      1.  Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or even to support a full set of dentures. Implants are posts that are in the upper or lower jaw, where they function as a sturdy anchor for replacement teeth.
      2. A fixed bridge. It’s almost exactly how it sounds, where two or more crowns will be placed on the teeth next to your missing tooth to create a bridge over the gap. The missing tooth will have a crown over it.
      3. Removable partial dentures. With these dentures, you’ll be able to take them out of your mouth for cleaning efficiently. It does take time and practice to get used to taking them in and out of your mouth. It may feel odd or tight for the first few weeks, but with time, you should grow accustomed to them.
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