How to Brush Your Teeth with a Video Selfie

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The Science behind This Idea

The idea of taking selfies while brushing was the subject of a study at Case Western Reserve University.

woman brushing teeth in front of a mirror
Can a Video Selfie Improve Your Tooth Brushing Skills?

Adults have been brushing for a long time, and incorrect brushing techniques are ingrained in our muscle memory. Correcting ones brushing techniques takes mindfulness and dedication.

Videoing yourself brushing your teeth can help, as the study showed people’s accuracy improved, as did the number of brush strokes.

The act of filming one’s self brushing can disrupt bad habits, making it easier to change behaviors and to create new muscle memories. There is the possibility this could lead to a video-based app for monitoring brushing techniques and which may help improve oral health.

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You will learn the correct techniques from the experts.

Proper Brushing Technique from Houston’s Dental Experts

If you are unsure about your current brushing techniques, simply ask the hygentist or dentist at Midtown Dentistry.

We can also discuss which toothbrush to use, and which toothpastes might work best for your dental needs. This interactive and constructive approach could do a lot to help your dental health so that you can smile with confidence in your selfies.

“The study was tiny, and they only had an 8% improved in brushing techniques. It’s a novel idea but, our expert dentist and hygienist will have you brushing like a pro, and we follow up reviewing your brushing techniques every 6-months and its a whole lot more fun – we promise.”

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