Is Your Cosmetic Dentist The Best In Town?

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What Are the Attributes of a Good Cosmetic Dentist

A good cosmetic dentist can empathize with his patient and understand their concerns and desires. Good cosmetic dentistry is not just a matter of carrying out a textbook procedure but making sure that the treatment is appropriate and customized to meet exactly the needs of the individual since we are all different.

A good cosmetic dentist like Dr. Penchas in Houston, Texas, will have not only the expertise essential to produce good quality results but also the experience to know what can and can’t be done. It is perfectly reasonable for example to provide metal-backed crowns for the front teeth of a patient who has a heavy bite which could be too much for ordinary porcelain crowns but it is as well to advise patient of this before proceeding, for if it turns out that person is an opera singer who throws their head right back during singing it is just conceivable that the metal back might show, and it is better that they were forewarned of that possibility.

It is thus important for you as a patient to talk through your proposed treatment in order to be sure that it meets all your expectations. A good cosmetic dentist will be happy to take the time and trouble to do this rather than risk your disappointment.

He would also consider it necessary to advise you if any treatment you request is inappropriate and against his better judgement. Examples here are where a patient might ask for a tooth to be extracted rather than restored, or might ask for a small diamond to be bonded on to the front tooth. The problems here might be that a resin bond could suddenly fail without warning and a valuable diamond would be lost for ever, or that the resin bond which would inevitably spread a little around the gemstone during bonding, might yellow with age and rather spoil the effect.

It is thus experience, empathy, and attention to detail that sets apart the really good houston cosmetic dentist from the ordinary.

Did I mention that Houston cosmetic dentists are some of the best there are? They offer the full range of modern treatments as well as a wealth of experience and helpful advice. If you have a moment you might want to check out the websites and testimonials.

So whether you’re looking for veneers, teeth whitening, implants, bridges or dentures, opt for experienced and sympathetic cosmetic practitioners who take into account not only your teeth, but also you as a person.

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” They are all very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and my  teeth look and feel great every time I leave her chair, even now with braces – she’s amazing.”

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