Are Hybrid Dentures Expensive?

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Dental Care Does Not Have to Be Expensive

You may have thought excellent dental care has to be expensive, but that isn’t the case. At the same time, there is no such thing as dentures.

It’s all about value for your money. It is possible to find the best and cheapest hybrid denture right here in Houston. It is always upsetting to lose teeth, and finding a comfortable and affordable replacement can be tricky. Hybrid dentures sometimes referred to as fixed-removable dentures, are ideal as they utilize implants to hold the appliance firmly in place.

What do Hybrid Dentures Cost?

The best and cheapest hybrid denture is not going to cost $15 or $150. Nor can it cost $8,000. At today’s costs, it is not possible.

If someone does offer you that, it’s probably a good bet something is wrong.

You may be offered something different or lower in quality -Because you know to manufacture and making it costs more. The most economical cost providers reduce their cost by:

  • Less experienced providers – Dentists treating are inexperienced or not specialists.
  • Cheapest dental implants, usually not FDA approved.
  • IU Low-quality laboratory materials.
  • Switch the treatment to a cheaper alternative.

A full jaw of dental implants and the bridge on top of them cost anywhere from 25,000 to $30,000 in Houston.

For a limited time – the cost for a hybrid denture at Midtown Dentistry is $20,000 for a straight forward, turn-key treatment. That is an average of 20% off the price at our office.

Hybrid dentures cost is lower at our office because of we:

  • Reduce our profits. Yes, it’s OK to earn less !!
  • Buy our materials in bulk. Yes, we squeeze our suppliers !!
  • Negotiate better pricing with our high-quality labs because of our volume and quality. Yes, after 15 years of working together, they know we are their best clients.
  • Streamline our office. You are getting teeth, not champagne, massage or an office with Persian rugs and Italian marble.

The Considerable Advantage of Having a Hybrid Dentures

Unlike conventional dentures, a hybrid denture cannot slip around, and you don’t need to take it out every night to clean it.  The hybrid denture is designed to enable you to clean underneath, ensuring it remains hygienic. However, we will need to remove it for you during your regular dental check-ups at our office in Houston to give a professional cleaning. Hybrid dentures make eating and speaking more natural, and offers wearers improved confidence. Hybrid dentures can be used to replace missing teeth and is an ideal solution when there has been a substantial loss of bone and gum from the surrounding area.

Unlike a bridge, a hybrid denture can replace the missing gum area with pink acrylic, creating a natural and aesthetic appearance that provides excellent support for your cheeks and lips. They are far less bulky than conventional dentures and are much more comfortable to wear.

Hybrid dentures are very comfortable to replace an upper denture.

An ordinary upper denture covers up the roof of the mouth, making it difficult to taste and enjoy food properly.

A hybrid denture has the roof section cut away. You’ll find you can eat everything and enjoy a far greater variety of foods due to the increased stability of the denture.

Hybrid dentures can be the perfect solution for patients who have suffered gum disease, or who have had some accident or other infection.

The reason they are called hybrid dentures is that they are a combination of conventional dentures and a fixed bridge.

Several implants anchor the hybrid dentures to the jaw and provide a solid base for the appliance

So what is included in the treatment cost?

  • All x-rays at our office which includes a 3D x-ray (CT x-ray)
  • Examination
  • Removal of all the teeth in the jaw
  • One Temporary full denture in the arch
  • Four dental implants
  • Permanent denture of the arch
  • All appointments for adjustments and follow-up

Not included?

  • Additional implants over 4.
  • other dentures
  • Bone grafting – adding bone when necessary to allow for enough bone around implants.
  • Anesthesia services include IV sedation provided by an anesthesiologist).
  • Long term care: Cleanings and visits for the years after the permanent denture is placed and adjusted.
  • Repair of the permanent denture.
  • Because dentistry is medicine, not a product, many factors determine what we can do, and thus the cost.
  • It’s important to know that:$20,000 hybrid denture is a replacement of one arch of teeth. An arch is either the bottom of the top set of teeth. For both arches – upper, and lower – the cost would be $ 40,000.
  • When we replace a full set of teeth, we never replace 16 teeth, but usually only 12 teeth. The last molars are not necessary for chewing with dental implants, and adding them means we need to add more implants and increase the cost.
  • We cannot guarantee a price until we see you for a complimentary exam to determine what your problem is, what is possible, whether you are a candidate.
  • Guarantee on implants and dentures is for three years. Why can’t we guarantee longer? **

** There are so many different things people do with their teeth that cause problems or necessitate repair or added treatment. We can’t control these factors. – smoking, nighttime grinding, clenching, heavy alcohol use,  trauma, staining with different foods.

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