Smile Makeover Procedures: Composite Mock-Ups

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Composite Mock-ups for Smile Makeover Procedures

People consider having cosmetic dentistry procedures for many different reasons, from correcting crooked teeth to solving far more serious problems with missing or damaged teeth. This sort of dentistry is not risky, but often requires many appointments to the dentist’s office as well as an investment of money to achieve the end result. It is therefore important that the dentist and the patient get the desired result at the end of the treatment. One way of achieving this is by the use of composite mock-ups.

First Stages of Treatment

At the first appointment with the dentist, they will discuss with the patient their desired results and explain what is achievable given the patient’s budget and condition of the mouth. Patients often find it hard to visualize what their new smile will look like, and this is where composite mock-ups come into play.

What is composite?

Composite is a material which can be molded, and is the same color as your teeth. They are not a permanent fix for teeth, but can be left in the mouth for several weeks or months. The idea of using a composite is so that both you and your dentist can make tweak and make some adjustments to them before your final teeth are created.

Smile Makeover Procedures: Composite Mock-Ups

Composite is not bonded fully to the teeth and can be easily and quickly removed. This way, if you change your mind, the wax can taken off and you’ll have your original teeth back.


After discussion with the dentist, they will prepare a set of composite mock-ups which will be placed into the patient’s mouth. Photographs may be taken to show the patient for a “before” and “after” effect. Once the mock-ups are in place in the mouth, the patient will be able to live with them for a short period to see how they like their new dental structure. If any adjustments need to be made, then the composite can be re-molded and the new effect evaluated. This process can be repeated several times until a result is achieved that both the patient and the dentist are pleased with. At this stage, the composite mock-ups are used as a blueprint to make a permanent set of teeth for the patient.

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