What are Cosmetic Dentures?

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What are Cosmetic Dentures?

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 The Best Dentures – Cosmetic Dentures

At Midtown Dentistry, we strive to ensure you are happy with your dentures.  We only create our dentures from the most-advanced materials possible.  With our expert team, your dentures will be:

  • They will be the most comfortable denture that is possible.
  • They will fit correctly to your face
  • They will look like your natural teeth

We also have a variety of affordable denture options to meet your budget.

Some people think that once they have dentures, they don’t have to worry about dental hygiene.  That is not the case. You need to care for your Dentures, just like teeth.  You’ll need to brush them daily and visit your dentist regularly as these are critical.  During your dental visits, your Midtown Dentistry dentist may make minor adjustments to your dentures to make sure they always fit naturally and comfortably.

When Should You Replace Your Dentures?

Even the best dentures don’t last forever. The gums and ridges of your mouth change over time while your dentures will stay the same.  We recommended getting your dentures replaced every 3 to 6 years.

Wearing the same dentures for more than three years can cause changes in your mouth that are often irreversible.  If your dentures fit poorly, the ridges may shrink faster, making the denture lose in your mouth.  While you might be willing to suffer through this for a while, you may regret it in the future.  The damaged caused by the loose dentures and the shrinking ridges will make it harder for your dentist to fit you for dentures in the future.

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” They are all very welcoming, professional and knowledgeable, especially hygienist Loan Pham. I recently got braces and my  teeth look and feel great every time I leave her chair, even now with braces – she’s amazing.”

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