Denture Adjustment Tips

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Denture Adjustment Tips

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How to keep your New Lower Denture from Moving

1. Step 1: Chew your food using a straight up and straight down motion.  Try not to chew by moving your jaw from left to right.

2. Step 2: Position only small bits of food in your mouth. Put the food on both the left and right sides of your mouth towards the back. Then chew softly.

3.  Step 3: Don’t use your tongue at the beginning.  Limiting the movements of your tongue will help your lower dentures stay in place while you adjust.  Don’t worry if some food goes underneath your dentures. As your chewing skills improve, this will happen less and less.

Other frequent denture adjustments tips include:

Nausea: You may feel some nausea when your first start wearing your dentures, but it will eventually pass if you keep wearing them.  Try sucking a piece of peppermint candy.  We find that often helps.  But if you still feel nausea after a few days, give us a call.  We’ll see if there is some other reason that’s causing you to fill like this.

Soreness:  You may feel sore when you first get your dentures. Your mouth tissue is highly sensitive and will take a while to adjust to having dentures.  Mild discomfort is normal, but if you have sore spots, then you need to see your denture dentist in Houston.

You may need a couple more visits to Midtown Dentistry to get your dentures adjusted during the first few weeks that you have them.  Feeling comfortable in your dentures is vital to you’re well being and your health.  Don’t be afraid to call us if you get any sore spots so that we can correct any minor issues right away. We know they hurt, but do keep the dentures in your mouth until your adjustment appointment so we can see exactly where the sore spots are and can fix the issue.

Warning: Don’t try to fix your dentures yourself.  If you do, our six-month guarantee won’t be valid.  Let us make the adjustments for you.

Speech Difficulties: Talking normally takes a little while when you get your dentures.  Your jaw muscles need time to adjust because you have a significant foreign object in your mouth.  To improve quickly, practice reading out loud and working on words where your pronunciation seems off.

Midtown Dentistry provides our patients with affordable, natural-looking dentures designed to fool everyone. Nobody needs to know you are wearing dentures if you don’t want them to. Trust our Houston dentists to help you through your transition to your new dentures.


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