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Ultra Thin Veneers

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Houston, Texas

Houston veneers are the perfect solution for anyone who dreams of having that perfect smile and wants to attract the attention of others. Many of us want to get rid of our untidy teeth or we want them to look brighter and nicer. Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic or like materials which are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. There is a drastic change in the smile which boosts the confidence and personality of an individual as well.

Houston Veneers
Houston Veneers


So what are the advantages of veneers? They give a natural look and one cannot distinguish it from real teeth. Light passes through them the same way as it does in natural teeth hence contributing in looking natural. They are light weight especially the latest addition to the veneer group called lumineer which is ultra thin. The patient won’t feel anything inside their mouth and lumineer would not feel bulky as well. One has to consider patient’s comfort along with the esthetics.

The good news for coffee and red wine drinkers is that veneers don’t stain easily. They are exceptionally stain resistant so you need not worry about discoloring them. Such beverages typically discolor natural teeth in a very short time.

For best results one should go to a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist. It is wise to go to a cosmetic dentist; he can provide you with excellent service when it comes to restoring your teeth and smile. Since you are investing a lot of money and have expectations it would be good to find the right dentist who can discuss with you the issues involved and find the best solutions according to your face and personality. You can also use the internet to get information regarding the procedure done along with referrals from other doctors and family members.

Houston Veneers not only improve your appearance and boost your confidence; these can also fill gaps between teeth and straighten crooked teeth. A cosmetic dentist should be able to treat discolored, fractured or marked tooth. It can completely transform your personality. The concept is not just to improve the smile, but to bring about a change in the overall personality.



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