How to Stop Teeth Scarring From Braces

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How to Stop Teeth Scarring From Braces

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How to Stop Teeth Scarring From BracesThe dentist of Midtown Dentistry recommends dental braces as an excellent solution to misaligned teeth. However, you have to pay extra attention to your oral hygiene while wearing them. Otherwise, you might have straight teeth with permanent markings.  Poor oral health will lead to the buildup of dental plaque, which can quickly get under and in between the gaps of the braces.

The bacteria that thrive in plaque produce acid that is strong enough to cause cavities as well as scarring on the teeth. The scars may only be visible after the braces have been removed. These problems are more likely to occur; the longer the plaque stays on the teeth.

It is more difficult to clean the teeth with braces, but diligence is a must. Regular brushing and flossing will help remove food that gets packed in between the teeth and brackets. Dentists Houston Texas strongly advises brushing your teeth after every meal and also before bed. At the very least, you must brush your teeth twice a day – in the morning after eating breakfast and before turning in at night.

How often you brush your teeth is not the only key to good oral hygiene. More importantly, are you doing it correctly? First, you should spend two to three minutes, brushing your teeth. Be very thorough, making sure you brush every tooth surface as well as your gums and braces. You may want to use a mirror while you are brushing your teeth so you can see if you’ve missed any surface. In particular, you don’t want to miss the half-moon areas between the gums and braces because these spaces are very prone to dental problems.

Eliminate the plaque stuck between your teeth by flossing at least once a day. Flossing also helps prevent swollen gums, which will hinder the progress of tooth movement.  Regular visits with your dentist Houston, preferably every four to six months, are equally crucial during any dental treatment to achieve the ideal outcome.

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