Porcelain or Plastic Denture?

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Porcelain or Plastic Denture?

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Which is better, Porcelain or Plastic Dentures?

People with dentures, or those who learn that they need dentures, often wonder which is better plastic or porcelain dentures?

Porcelain for Durability?

In the past, this was a relatively easy question to answer because most dental professionals opted for long-wearing porcelain dentures.
Due to the advancement in plastics, the choice between the two is not a simple decision.
There are now dental-safe plastics with the durability of porcelain, and which can look just as good as real teeth.

What about Pricing?

If you were going to make a choice based upon price,  in the past plastic dentures were inexpensive. Today, due to enhancements in manufacturing, the price differential is negligible.

How does the Patient Choose the Right Denture Material for their Denture?

Fortunately, a competent dental professional will offer the kind of useful advice and guidance necessary for making the proper choices.
One of the significant factors in the decision process is how much bone loss the patient has.
If the patient has many missing teeth, there is generally bone loss from reabsorption; then, the dentist will recommend plastic dentures.
In this circumstance, the hardness of the porcelain dentures can add too much pressure on the jawbone during bitting.
If there is a lot of bone loss, the dentist will recommend that patients use plastic instead of porcelain dentures. They would recommend the same if the gum tissue was frail and offered minimal padding.

The dentist will review the patient’s charts to see if they have bruxism or clenching of the teeth. If such conditions exist, the dentist will usually recommend the plastic dentures at that time too.

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