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porcelain veneers in Houston How often do you hear the comments from co-workers or people you meet that you are unfriendly because you don’t smile much.  The good news is can offer a simple and fast solution to your problem, porcelain veneers.

They say that a dazzling smile can sometimes convey a stronger message than by talking a lot. If you are not confident about your teeth’s appearance, you may be sabotaging your career chances by sending the wrong signals.

  • Bored and unmotivated. Sure you are more than willing to please a client by giving the best service your company can offer. But instead, clients may interpret your tight lip as being snobbish, bored and getting too old for the job. Whereas, when you flash that sparkling smile, you may appear friendly, accommodating and happy to be of service.
  • Not trustworthy. Yes, people who smile a lot establish trust easily. Though you are saying nice things, non-verbal signals may give a stronger impression than the words that come out of your mouth.
  • The fakest laugh ever. Even when you find a situation funny, you cannot laugh out loud because you are conscious about your teeth. The problem with that is you come off as faking it and therefore give the wrong message.

These are just some of the situations that you can avoid when you get porcelain veneers in Houston. Porcelain veneers can reshape your teeth as well as fix discoloration, remove stains, correct misaligned teeth and close tooth gaps. It only takes two to three visits to the dentist to get better looking teeth, regain your confidence and show the world the real professional, bubbly and trustworthy you. Soon, you will get more clients, improve your interpersonal skills and just experience the world with a happy heart.


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