Should I Get Veneers?

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veneer HoustonConsult with a Houston cosmetic dentist and you will find out that there are options such as veneers that are fast and easy, you will be showing off a brand new smile in no time.


To change your smile means you may need to straighten, whiten, restore, replace and alter your teeth.  For all of these, there is one procedure that you can turn to, porcelain veneers. Although that sounds too good to be true, veneer is really a cure-all solution. It is also usually done after only three visits to the dentist. If you use the more expensive veneers, two visits may be enough to give you that smile that you can only dream about.

Before getting too excited, you have to ask the following questions to determine if you will benefit from veneer Houston.

  • Do I have misaligned teeth? Veneers can work if you only have mildly misaligned teeth.  But if they are crowded or very crooked,  braces may be needed instead.
  • Are my teeth stained or discolored? Okay there are naturally yellowish teeth and if you are fine with it, no need to whiten them. If you are a smoker or fond of drinking coffee, wine or tea, chances are, your teeth are stained or discolored. Veneers can easily cover up those stains and give you a whiter, sparkling smile for many years.
  • Are you bothered with your gaps? Madonna can get away with it but tooth gaps can easily be closed using veneers. Go for it.
  • Do you have irregularly shaped teeth? Some teeth are long and some are short. With veneers, you can have your teeth in uniform shape. It will instantly enhance your smile, boost your confidence and change your life overall.

After answering these questions and you believe you will benefit from veneers, go to a cosmetic dentist in Houston and have your teeth evaluated. Your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for veneers. Take note that most insurance companies don’t cover this type of procedure so don’t forget to inquire about payment options.

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